Liberals PRAISE ‘Precious’ Muslim Cop, Then Fellow Officers Saw THIS On His Phone


Here’s one for the bleeding heart liberals that claim that most Muslims are just like us. The libs cite the fact that they are respectable citizens, teachers, shop owners and even police officers while calling those of us that disagree with their Islamic utopia “ISLAMAPHOBICS.”

While our counterparts on the left insist on welcoming Muslims into our country with open arms, many of us know the facts. We see the atrocities that the refugees are responsible for. Rape, violence and behavior similar to a rabid animal.

They are ungrateful scumbags that, for the most part, hate everything that we stand for. Our God. Our liberties. Our freedom. Our entire way of life, actually.

Check this out.

A police officer named Mohammad Arshad was considered a normal, decent Muslim. It turns out he was anything but decent. He is, in fact a filthy, perverted, child molesting scumbag.

Look, I don’t trust ANYONE with that name frankly.

Scumbag Muslim Perv

Scumbag Muslim Perv

The Daily Star reports that a UK police officer was found guilty of 17 sexual offenses including rape, nine counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity, three counts of sexual activity with a child and two counts of meeting a child following sexual grooming. He was also convicted of causing a child to watch a sexual act and paying for the sexual services of a child.

Investigators searched Mohammad’s home where they found dozens of lewd images of teenage girls on his phone and computers.


The 35-year-old animal trawled through Facebook to befriend girls before grooming them and encouraging them to meet him.

He would cruise around in his Mercedes with his carefully selected victims wearing his police uniform.

He would beg all his victims for sex and raped one 14-year-old girl on the back seat of his car.

Investigators learned that the savage had contacted his victims over Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp and texts.

Prosecutor James Newton-Price told a jury of six men and six women: “He flattered girls and complimented them and sent sexually suggestive messages. Some of the girls liked the attention and may have been flattered, but if they are under 16 it doesn’t matter.”

“Most refused his sexual advances,” he said adding, “Some thought it was a joke.”

“He persistently pestered girls for sex or some sort of touching or groping.”

This is who these people are. These are Obama’s precious family members. They are wonderful people that we all need to embrace.

Well, I embrace whoever the hell I want to embrace. Filthy garbage like this scumbag need to be locked in cages somewhere in the middle of the desert.

Trump’s right. Ban them all for however long it takes for them to earn the right to come to America. That should take a couple hundred centuries, give or take.

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God Bless.

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