Liberals Just PROVED They Are CORRUPT AS HELL After Launching 3 State Offensive To Combat This…

 Liberals Call for Massive Campaign to Fight AGAINST Voter ID…


Voter ID laws are at the forefront of news again with left-leaning voter rights group, Let America Vote, making an announcement that the group intends to launch a 3-state offensive to combat AGAINST voter ID laws.


The group announced in a flurry of fundraising emails stating their intentions to launch their first ad campaign.

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The intention is to launch three separate ad campaigns to blanket the area in propaganda.


Slotted for targeting are – Georgia, Virginia, and New Hampshire supporting Democrats that oppose bills that would require a photo ID prior to voting in the 2017 gubernatorial race.

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Let America Vote was created by Jason Kander, who launched an unsuccessful bid for U.S. Senate in Missouri in 2016. He started the group earlier this year, after armed police were sent to the polls in his Senate race to restore order, a move he viewed publicly as voter intimidation.

Democrats insist that up to 25% of black and brown people do not have a government issued identification card publicly vilifying laws requiring an ID to vote as racist and unconstitutional.

Over the past decade the Democrats have fought voter ID laws in 33 states spending more than $200M in the process — this figure does not count the costs incurred by various states forced to fight these legal challenges.

By framing the laws as racist the Democrats have created yet another way to solidify their hold over the black community at large. What many in the community fail to realize is that the Voter ID fight is really about preserving government dependence in another form of slavery.

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The Left and their arguments against voter ID are fundamentally dishonest, and at their core, intensely racist. The fundamental crux of the liberal argument is that it is unreasonable to expect a black person, simply by virtue of the color of his or her skin, to be able to procure, hold, and present photo ID.

I would honestly like someone to kindly explain why they believe a black person as opposed to a White or Asian person, or any other race is somehow intrinsically less capable of taking a valid photo ID to the polls on election day. All I ever get?


What I find highly ironic, is if requiring photo ID to prove your identity before being issued a ballot and directed to a voting booth is racist, then it is racist every time a bank requires a photo ID before you can cash a check, every time a store asks for ID before you can buy a six-pack of beer, every time an employer asks for ID before you can join their workforce, every time a police officer asks for your driver’s license after a stop on the road, every time you are asked for ID before you check in to a hotel, every time a store requires your ID to return an item you previously purchased, and a host of other times.

Years ago Democrats realized that a HUGE percentage of their constituencies did not have the necessary identification to vote and their solution was to challenge Voter ID laws in the media and in the court. Clearly, their concern was not for the welfare of black voters and the black community at large, rather their concern was about keeping their jobs, staying in power, and creating a new issue to use against Republicans and the leftist mainstream media continues to assist them in the faux racism claims and outrage regarding Voter ID.

God Bless.

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