UNREAL: Liberals Vote To RENAME Schools Named After HISTORIC Family, And You WON’T Believe Why


The liberal politically correct culture is getting so far out of hand their antics read like a satire column.

All across the country, Confederate monuments are being removed because delicate snowflakes become so triggered at the mere sight of our history that they need binkies and safe spaces. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now these leftist whack jobs are changing the names of schools honoring historic families because, slavery!


Yes, you read that right. A far-left school board in Oregon has voted to rename a school that was named after a man named Clyde A. Lynch, who was “active in helping refugees settle in the U.S.” following the second World War.

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Why, you might ask, is “Lynch” offensive to these lunatics? Because it might, yes might, remind someone of the lynchings that took place when nobody in this country was alive during the slavery-era.


You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

From Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars:


However, the hysteria has now returned and the Centennial School Board, covering Gresham and Southeast Portland, Oregon, just voted to drop the name “Lynch” from two elementary schools.

The schools were named after the Lynch family, who donated land that enabled them to be built in the first place.

The school board’s reason for changing the name was, according to Marks, because “It reminds some people of lynching.”

One of the schools will now be re-named Patrick Lynch to ensure that special snowflakes don’t get offended by a word.

Is this even America anymore?

Please, Jesus, come quickly! We’re surrounded by morons!

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God Bless.

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