Liberals Make SICK Video ATTACKING Barron Trump, Then Get TERRIFYING News


The children of political leaders are supposed to be off-limits, especially when they’re just ten years old.

However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping the perpetual degenerates on the left from going after President-elect Donald Trump’s son, Barron. At just ten, he’s a well-mannered, graceful child who’s handled the pressure of being Trump’s son incredibly well, but unhinged leftists upset over the surprising election loss are floating a conspiracy that he may have autism.


One such leftist is Hollywood moonbat and grossly overweight Rosie O’Donnell, who shared a conspiracy video of young Barron to her Twitter feed. After she posted the troubling video, titled “Is Barron Trump Autistic” #StopTheBullying,” it went viral and amassed over three million views in just a short time.

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The original video has been removed but this video explains the scenario.


Isn’t that sick? They’re trying to say that a tired little boy doing everything he can to stay awake at 3 a.m. is somehow autistic.


Why? The video’s creator backtracked and said that it was made to defend the young boy. But that doesn’t explain why O’Donnell, who’s one of Trump’s fiercest critics, would share the video to her Twitter feed, unless it was to attack the Trump family, of course.

“The only reason I made the video is because I saw how much social media was bullying Barron Trump, and I wanted it to stop,” James Hunter, the man who made the video, told Gossip Cop. “I’d be really sad if I’ve made the situation worse, but I never could’ve imagined that the video would get so much press.”

“I was just sending it privately to people who were bullying him to explain to them that Barron might be autistic,” he continued, “and that’s it isn’t okay to bully him for it, because I know what it’s like to be bullied for being autistic. But then Rosie O’Donnell shared it and it blew up.”

But while the unhinged liberals think it’s okay to bully a 10-year-old boy, his mother, Melania Trump, does not. In fact, she’s not about to let this one slide by any means, according to TMZ.

The enraged Melania’s mommy instincts took over and she has employed the services of attorney Charles J. Harder, the man who took down Gawker over the Hulk Hogan sex video, to go after Hunter in order to protect her son.

“Our sources say Melania is outraged and is serious about going after the person who posted the video if he doesn’t take it down,” TMZ reported on Monday.

Hunter has helped Melania in the past, and with his impressive record in the courtroom, these deranged leftists would be wise to immediately stop attacking little Barron. After all, while the left loves to go after the weak, the rest of the world highly frowns upon people preying on the defenseless, and at just 10 he’s as defenseless as you can get.

In other words, there’s not too many people who would side with the creator of the video or anyone sharing it. There’s simply no excuse to go after a little boy, not even if he’s the son of a bitter political rival or a man you absolutely loathe, so it’s impossible to be supportive of any such attacks.

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