Liberals Sink To New Low After People See What Dems Are Giving Their Trump Supporting Family Members


After the crushing loss of Hillary Clinton the 2016 Presidential Election, many Democrats absolutely refuse to let it go and move on with their lives.  For many of the same people that were intent upon telling Conservatives and Republicans alike that “elections have consequences” when Obama was the winner, they cannot practice what they preach.  In acts that fly in the face of what the Christmas spirit is all about, many Democrats and self-proclaimed leftists are giving their Republican and Conservative family members what has been termed “revenge gifts” in return for the “crime” of voting for Trump.


John Tereska is one such person and his Trump-voting family members will be plenty shocked when they open their “gifts” from him on Christmas Day. Inside the packages wrapped with care, instead of a thoughtful gift to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day, they will find notes thanking them for donations made in their name to organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Many Democrats claim that these “revenge” gifts will force Conservatives and Republicans to recognize and support causes and organizations that the left expects to come under attack under the incoming Trump administration.

“With my oldest brother, who I know voted for Trump, I’m going right for the jugular. I’m donating to the Democratic National Committee on his behalf,” Tereska said.

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Tereska, as you might have guessed, is an avid Hillary Clinton supporter.  He is lashing out in anger at his relatives who voted for Donald Trump in November.  He’s so angry that he’s giving gifts in their names to organizations that they would never in a million years support in lieu of Christmas presents this year.


A message one unnamed ‘revenge giver’ is slipping into Trump-voting relatives’ Christmas cards. Photograph: Handout


“It’s revenge giving,” he added, with relish. “My father wrote in John McCain on his ballot, so I take that as a vote for Trump. My mother will not talk about it, so I assume she voted for Trump. They are getting donations to Planned Parenthood,” Tereska said.

“I’m still grappling with the result of the election and this is my small slice of revenge for the fact that their votes have just jeopardized me and the entire world for the next four years.”

Democrat, Ken Urban, a playwright and part-time professor at Princeton University made donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center on behalf of his parents as their Christmas gifts.


“My father was the Republican mayor of my small hometown in New Jersey and spent his career in the navy reserve. My mother told me she would never vote for Hillary Clinton because they have a friend who works for the CIA who said she was ‘difficult’. And there are aunts and uncles and cousins in my family who voted for Trump,” said Urban.

He is regretting his agreement that he and his boyfriend made a commitment to attend a large family Christmas gather for the first time in about 20 years prior to the election’s end.  But he believes that the donations that he made in his parents’ names to the Southern Poverty Law Center will take the sting out being “forced” to spend time among Trump supporters.

“I thought I could make a point and in the process be generous to a human rights cause that is only going to become more important now,” said Urban.

Many of these Democrats were inspired by the story of donations to Planned Parenthood made in the name of Vice-President elect Mike Pence.  Pence is fiercely pro-life and any donation to an organization such as Planned Parenthood in his name would be perceived as hostile.

It’s truly incredible to me that the party that preaches the most about tolerance is the most intolerant of all.  In a country founded on the freedom to choose, the freedom to vote for that person whom you deem appropriate to represent you, what does it say about the sort of people that would FORCE donations in your name to causes that they know you personally abhor and find reprehensible?

h/t – Business Insider



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