Liberals Spot STRANGE Items In Trees, Find Out What It Is Then All HELL BREAKS LOOSE…


Liberals have ordered that blue ribbons tied around trees to show support for law enforcement be removed because it sends a bad message to oppressed blacks. I say go to hell- we support LAW ENFORCEMENT!

Yeah, filthy liberals are complaining as usual. Again, I say go f yourselves you degenerate scumbags.

Boston’s FOX 25 reports that the blue ribbons supporting law enforcement have been ordered to come down from Royalston’s town property.

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State Trooper wives have been putting up blue ribbons across Massachusetts this summer. The wife of a trooper asked the Royalston chief about putting up blue ribbons.


“We’re just here to support law enforcement in general. And whether you are purple, green, pink. They’re in law enforcement and we just want them to know we are here. We are one huge family,” said Kimberly Watson, a member of MSP Wives.

The chief told FOX25 that he told her she should run it by the select board since she wanted to put them on town common.

The select board didn’t meet before the event was planned, so the MSP Wives put up the ribbons with the verbal okay on Aug. 30, with a plan to take them down Sept. 30. The wife in charge then talked to town officials the day after she put them up. In Royalston, permits to display something like this are usually for a couple of weeks. At first the select board didn’t even think to do an official permit because it was for police and the ribbons were already up.


The ribbons were placed around trees in Royalston on August 30 by the wives of Massachusetts State Troopers, who said they just wanted officers in the community to know “we are one huge family.”

But again, liberal scumbags have to bitch about it.

Two liberal residents complained to the town’s select board, which agreed to only allow a two-week permit until Sept. 9.

One of the residents was reportedly upset that the ribbons were allowed without an official permit.

Uh, go suck rocks you filthy lib.

Residents who disagree with the decision are planning to hold a rally at the next board meeting, Sept. 20.

This is Obama’s America. We will turn our country around once Trump enters the White House.



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