Liberals Want To Replace Confederate Flag With THIS Monstrosity… You WON’T Believe Your Eyes


‘Progressive’ libs are at it again! Just when you thought you’d seen it all they come up with some ridiculous idea- this time it is for their desire to erase history and replace the Confederate flag. Thanks but no thanks.

Yes the libs have decided to design a “new southern flag” to replace the Confederate battle flag, and it is absolutely ridiculous! Lol, these people have seriously lost their minds. Check it out.


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What is that thing? It would make a nice tablecloth I suppose. Don’t these liberal morons understand that the CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG IS HERE TO STAY? Get over it, move on and shut the hell up.



Just because one skinny, deranged weird POS shot up a church posed with the Confederate flag in a picture is no reason to attempt to wipe American history. Our flag has nothing to do with that punk. If you progressives want to spend your money inventing a new flag, then design one for the place we will be booting you idiots off to once we take our country back, because we don’t want to see you, hear you or smell you! You are diseased garbage. Y’all should hook up with Obama and start your own country in Kenya LMAO!


According to the designers, 70kft out of Texas the new flag is representative of the “diverse array of backgrounds, opinions, values and perspectives now found throughout the region.” Delving a bit deeper into the matter, they say the stripes “represent different people, with unique backgrounds, experiences, and values. They are equal to each other, but different in color.” (H/T Mad World News)

Yeah, well thanks but no thanks. 


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