BOMBSHELL: As Libs Celebrate, Manafort’s Indictment Spells TROUBLE For Dems… Media SILENT


On Monday morning, social media was abuzz over the fact that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was the subject of an indictment stemming from Robert Mueller’s investigation, but the arrest looks to be more of a problem for Democrats than it does President Trump.

Manafort’s indictment was unsealed shortly after he turned himself in to the local FBI field office in Washington, D.C. Monday morning, and what it reveals has absolutely nothing to do with the President or his campaign. In fact, the charges date back to between 2006 and 2015, when Manafort worked with the Podesta Group, owned by Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, to lobby on behalf of the Russian and Ukrainian governments.


According to the official court paperwork, Manafort is charged with several crimes dealing with money laundering after he was paid millions by both foreign governments to lobby on their behalf in America. Manafort also failed to properly register under the Foreign Agent Registry Act (FARA), according to POLITICO.

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News of Manafort’s arrest spread quickly, and naturally, the left was in hysterics as they praised the charges against him. However, their celebrations may be a bit premature.



According to the same POLITICO report, the Podesta Group also hid its dealings with Manafort from the Justice Department, and only registered under FARA years later, when Manafort himself came under scrutiny.

Lobbying powerhouse the Podesta Group filed paperwork with the Justice Department today acknowledging that its work years ago for a European nonprofit benefited the same Ukrainian political party once advised by Paul Manafort, who later ran Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The filings, obtained by POLITICO, appear to clean up the firm’s requirement to disclose its role in foreign lobbying that Manafort reportedly orchestrated. The Podesta Group said it believed its client was an unaffiliated European think tank. But the new paperwork suggests the Justice Department has information tying the think tank to the pro-Russian Ukrainian Party of Regions — a possible source of continuing legal trouble for Manafort, because he never disclosed his own role in the lobbying campaign.

As the Daily Caller noted, what started out as a fact finding mission quickly morphed into a criminal inquiry into the Podestas.

The sources said Mueller’s investigation into Podesta, the brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, began as a fact-finding mission about Manafort’s role in the campaign but quickly morphed into a criminal inquiry into whether the firm violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, known as FARA.

People and firms who lobby on behalf of foreign governments must file detailed disclosures about their spending with the Department of Justice. Willful failure to file is a felony and can result in up to five years in prison. Podesta and Manafort filed the requisite forms only after the media began reporting on their dealings with ECMU, according to NBC’s report.

On top of lobbying for the Ukrainian government, the work the Podesta Group and Manafort did together includes first setting up the connections for, and then mediating, the controversial Uranium One deal, according to One America News.

The money laundering charges against Manafort appear to coincide with him and Podesta brokering the Uranium One deal, which occurred in 2013 while Robert Mueller was the FBI Director. As the deal was being pushed through, $145 million flowed into Hillary Clinton’s “charity” known as the Clinton Foundation, but Hillary Clinton failed to disclose the “donations” to both Congress and the public.

Both Manafort and Podesta raked in millions from the Ukrainian and Russian governments.

According to the Daily Caller, Manafort began raising financial red flags as far back as 2012, prior to his work on Uranium One.

Manafort’s suspicious financial transactions were flagged as far back as 2012 and forwarded to the FBI’s International Corruption Unit and the Department of Justice, a former Treasury official told reporters. Law enforcement officials said they found red flags in his banking records going back to 2004.

Suspiciously, those red flags were ignored and haven’t become an issue until now, after the entire “Russian collusion” narrative was born, leading some to question whether or not he was given a pass in order to get the Uranium deal pushed through. If so, Mueller would know, which means Manafort’s arrest could very well be to get him to roll on the people involved with the shady deal that led to Russian controlling 1/5 of our strategic uranium reserves.

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