Libs Tweet SICK #AmericaWasNeverGreat, Immediately Backfires In EPIC Way…


Lefties have taken to Twitter to spread their extreme hatred for our great country- AMERICA! Yes folks, while most of us are celebrating our independence and are grateful for our freedoms the liberals are trashing America with a pathetic hashtag- #AmericaWasNeverGreat.

These sickos are tweeting about racism, homophobia, oppression and anything else their sorry as*es could muster up to bitch about.

This leftist scumbag tweeted: “No, #AmericaWasNeverGreat because it’s a nation founded on genocide, imperialism, slavery, inequality and oppression.”

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Another idiot had this to say:#AmericaWasNeverGreat it was founded on imperialism, genocide and slavery. Ppl from my continent came and stole the land, for that, im sorry.”


And another racist moron had this to say:#AmericaWasNeverGreat People are getting angry about a hashtag but not about the oppressive history they made anyone who wasn’t white.”



And this: “unless you were a white man #AmericaWasNeverGreat”



How intelligent. Others took it beyond just racism.

This moron went the homophobic route:#AmericaWasNeverGreat from slavery, to Japanese internment camps, to Jim Crowe, to violence against LGBT.”

And this miserable America hating garbage says: “How can one even consider this country great?#AmericaWasNeverGreat”

Amanda’s getting hammered bigtime!

This one’s great!

That will no doubt go right over her useless head. 

Here’s a loser that wants to go to Canada. Please by all means GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU PILE OF… DIRT!

He/she writes: “Currently applying for jobs in Canada! ??#AmericaWasNeverGreat #AmericaWillNeverBeGreat”

Good riddance you leftist misfit.

Happily, there were a few noble souls defending the values of patriotism, freedom, and fireworks from the miserable 4th of July party-poopers. Just like 1776!

And this!

This one’s great!

Even Paul Joseph Watson got in on it!

ALLUM BOKHARI at Breitbart adds this final note. Although it is trending, #AmericaWasNeverGreat has so far failed to overtake “Happy 4th Of July” and #IndependenceDay in Twitter’s list of trending U.S. topics. Looks like freedom wins again, folks!


God Bless.

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