Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous: Michelle Obama Taking Another Multi MILLION Dollar Vacation… And YOU Are Paying For It!



America, are you ready for a nice vacation? We’re talking a trip to London and Italy! First class accommodations and the finest food money can buy! Sounds awesome right?

Well, that is exactly what Michelle Obama, her ‘daughters’ and even Grandma Robinson have planned- and YOU AND I ARE FOOTING THE BILL!

Hey girls, at least take the worthless Kenyan with you, we don’t want him around here no more! LOL!

So this makes at least 40 vacations that I know of and each one costs us $MILLIONS!

And here’s the kicker. The ‘most transparent administration’ in history refuses to answer questions pertaining to the cost of this vacation, who will be paying for this vacation and the ‘roles’ the kids and Grandma will perform.

PAUL BEDARD at Washington Examiner reports:

The White House Friday rebuffed questions about the cost of Michelle Obama’s trip with her mother and daughters to Italy and England next week and also wouldn’t provide the agenda for Sasha and Malia or Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson.

“I don’t have anything I can give you on that,” said the first lady’s chief of staff, Tina Tchen.

Okay, well how about this then?

Costs of the first families 39 lavish vacations have come under fire and a reporter Friday asked about the money involved and the agenda of the first lady’s family. She hit a stone wall.

Q — Hi. Thank you. I know a lot of times when the First Lady does these trips a lot of media outlets try to estimate the cost of the trip, and I know that the White House is usually reluctant to give a price. But a lot of times those estimates can be very high, and I think a lot of times they get that from just estimating the costs of staying in some of these places. Is there anything you can do to talk about cost and maybe whether or not those estimates are on base? I mean, is the First Lady and her mother and daughters, and everyone who goes along with her, are they paying the full price to stay at all of these hotels? Or is there anything you can give us on what a cost of a trip like this may be?

The response?

MS. TCHEN: Actually, Julie, I don’t have anything I can give you on that.

Hmm. This Ms. Tchen seems pretty worthless. What an easy gig- just stand there and say “I don’t know anything…” 

Q Okay. Well then can I also ask just — what will the participation levels be of Sasha and Malia and Mrs. Robinson? Will they be attending all of these events? And what will their role be in the trip?

MS. TCHEN: They will attend some of the events. I don’t have a schedule for you or a readout on what they’ll participate in or not, but they will be involved in some aspects of the trip. But I don’t have any information right now on exactly what those will be.

Like I said, worthless. What a fricking joke.

So, it looks like we will blindly be paying for another lavish vacation for the America hating Mooch.

While the Obamas live like royalty, we all work our butts off to pay for their out of control lifestyle. This really sucks…

God Bless you all. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS


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