Lincoln Project Building Database Of Trump Supporters So They Can Do THIS To You

The anti-Trump Lincoln Project is building a database of Trump officials and staffers with the intention of holding those people professionally “accountable” for supporting the president, according to Stuart Stevens, a Republican operative who works with the Lincoln Project, Breitbart reports.

Stuart Stevens revealed in a tweet Saturday that the group is building what appears to be a blacklist.


Their hate for President Trump and his dream of making America great again has become a plague that is hell bent on destroying people’s lives as well as our nation.

Now they are openly going after anyone and everyone who supports President Trump.  If you think they are just going after “staffers and officials” then you need to take a hard look at the end game here.

At @ProjectLincoln we are constructing a database of Trump officials & staff that will detail their roles in the Trump administration & track where they are now,” he wrote. “No personal info, only professional. But they will be held accountable & not allowed to pretend they were not involved.

The video is pure propaganda and the “dancing” was right before President Trump took the stage and NOT about the protests that took place.  Manipulation, regime propaganda that is meant to cause further hate and division.  Do NOT fall for their lame attempts to mislead and misinform.

These clowns are so delusional and how quickly they have forgotten that Antifa and Black Lives Matter set out to cause riots, looting and violence against citizens and businesses.  More than once they used their influence to call for mass action against anyone and everyone that supports President Trump and to use gather in mass numbers to tear down The White House if President Trump won the election.

Breitbart went on to say, he didn’t say when the database would go live or how the group will make it accessible to the public.

The Lincoln Project actively campaigned against President Trump during the presidential election and supported Democrat candidates during the Georgia runoff elections this month. The group, whose founders include Steve Schmidt and George Conway, became the darling of the left-wing elite, which embraced the group and showered it with donations.

These fools desire to destroy everything that is supposed to protect the citizens.  The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, all of which were created to protect freedom, free-will and provide the people protection from an over reaching government such as the Nazi regime and the horrors of communism.

The database seems to bear a spiritual resemblance to the short-lived Trump Accountability Project, an effort promoted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that was intended to publicly ostracize Trump administration officials and staffers. The project was abandoned after it received backlash from public figures across the political spectrum.  Breitbart News

It is now very clear that the project was never abandoned, it was simply moved into the shadows while they created it and are now trying to soften their intent by manipulating the citizens into believing they are only targeting President Trump and his staff as well as any politicians who supported him.

After all we have seen and been through over the past four years from The Left, it is still difficult to believe that totalitarian groups like The Lincoln Project are operating openly and proudly in society.

For years The Left promised they were coming for any and all who did not bow to their dictatorship and President Trump was a direct threat to their communism who attempted to drain the swamps of their Marxism.

Our nation is on the brink of evolving into the very thing our fore-fathers fought and died to protect us against.  It will be our children and our children’s children that will feel the full effect of their hate and division.

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