Bombshell evidence that the women feminazi attorney Lisa Bloom had brought forward to accuse President Trump of misconduct were bribed has just been uncovered in a massive report.

John Solomon of The Hill has uncovered solid evidence that Bloom was engaging in highly unethical, if not illegal activity during the 2016 Presidential Election when she represented several women who came forward to accuse then-candidate Trump of misconduct. According to Solomon’s reporting, Bloom offered at least one woman as much as $750,000 to come forward and accuse President Trump, and that’s not even the worst part.


Text messages between the woman, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her family, and Bloom reveal that Bloom was working with a clear agenda, and it wasn’t to get justice for the alleged victims.

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Their texts and emails indicate Bloom held a strong dislike of Trump though. Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Allred, another prominent attorney who is representing a number of women who have made accusations of sexual misconduct against Trump.


In an email to the unnamed woman, Bloom said that her story was “further evidence of what a sick predator this man is,” referring to Trump.

That’s not even the bad part. Later on, the woman and Bloom were talking through text when Bloom stated that time was running out.


Time for what, you might ask?

To derail President Trump’s campaign.

That woman, Harth’s friend, went back and forth for weeks with Bloom in 2016 about going public with an allegation of an unsolicited advance by Trump on the 1990s beauty contest circuit.

“Give us a clear sense of what you need and we will see if it we can get it,” Bloom texted the woman a week before Election Day.

“I’m scared Lisa. I can’t relocate. I don’t like taking other people’s money,” the woman wrote to Bloom.

“Ok let’s not do this then,” Bloom responded. “We are just about out of time anyway.”

The woman then texted back demanding to know why there was a deadline. “What does time have to do with this? Time to bury Trump??? You want my story to bury trump for what? Personal gain? See that’s why I have trust issues!!”

Solomon’s report also revealed that Bloom was working directly with Super PACs for Hillary Clinton, and possibly with Hillary herself. Although it’s worth noting that text messages only revealed that Bloom had been in contact with the PACs supporting Hillary.

But Bloom told the woman who declined to come forward that she had reached out to political action committees supporting Clinton’s campaign.

“It’s my understanding that there is some Clinton Super Pack [sic] that could help out if we did move forward,” the woman wrote Bloom on Oct. 11, 2016. “If we help the Clinton campaign they in turn could help or compensate us?”

Bloom wrote back, “Let’s please do a call. I have already reached out to Clinton Super PACs and they are not paying. I can get you paid for some interviews however.”

Jesus. This is some dirty, dirty politics.

If you can believe it, this story actually gets worse. While the woman ultimately decided not to come forward, in one of the last meetings she had with Bloom, she was offered a whopping $750,000 cash, tax-free, plus relocation fees if she was willing to tell her story to the public.

After the woman was released from the hospital, she agreed to meet Bloom at a hotel on Nov. 6, just two days before Trump unexpectedly defeated Clinton.

The woman told The Hill in an interview that at the hotel encounter, Bloom increased the offer of donations to $750,000 but still she declined to take the money.

Believe it or not, the woman is actually a Trump supporter, and the alleged encounter she had with him didn’t even qualify as an assault, which makes this story all the more dubious. Apparently, businessman Trump made an unwanted advance on her back in the 90s, but backed off as soon as she told him she wasn’t interested.

To this day, she says she holds no grudges and doesn’t even feel violated in the least. However, that didn’t stop Bloom from quite literally trying to bribe her to come forward and make accusations right before the election.

She said she supported Trump in 2016, and that he she held no resentment about the early 1990s advance because Trump stopped it as soon as she asked him.

She said she remains friends with many people associated with the president to this day, including one of his best personal friends and a lawyer who works for one of the firms representing Trump.

The woman said, however, no one associated with the Trump White House or the president forced her to come forward or made any offers to induce her to talk to The Hill. She said she agreed to do so only after she became disgusted to learn this past October that Bloom had agreed to work in defense of Weinstein.

You can read the rest of the shocking report by following this link.

This story shows just how depraved the left is when it comes to trying to obtain power, and the lengths they’ll go to take someone down. Make sure you share it with your friends and family to show them just how screwed up these people have become.

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