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History has shown that leftists are far more dangerous than those of us on the right.

We are witnessing this time and time again under the Obama regime. America and the world are in a state of violent chaos.

With Trump’s victory, we are seeing just how unhinged these leftists are with their rioting, death threats and now we are seeing something that makes one wonder if these freaks are planning an armed rebellion against the Trump presidency.

Warner Todd Huston wrote an excellent piece over at Constitution that outlined the unhinged behavior of the left in response to Trump’s victory.

Since November 9 liberals have completely lost their minds over the coming era of Trump and not just in the traditional political sense. Far from just bemoaning the political ramifications of a Trump administration, the left has been doomsaying at a rate that portends dangerous emotional turmoil, so much so that it makes one fear that some fully disturbed leftist may take the most horrible step to put an end to the thing liberals are proclaiming is the end of days. And it wouldn’t be the first time a liberal took that monstrous step.

What we are seeing displayed by the political left today after the election and Electoral College verification for Donald J. Trump is absolutely fostering just such a climate that could ease the way for some let-wing nutjob with a dark and dangerous plan.

These leftists are so pumped up with hatred that many fear that some of these leftist lunatics will attempt to assassinate President Trump.

This startling possibility is further raised by a recent story from McClatchy which noted that with the election of Trump, it is now liberals who are streaming to gun stores to arm themselves.

In its December 23 piece, McClatchy noted that guns sales have not slackened since November 8 and many of the customers for these guns are “non-traditional” customers, “namely, minorities, gay people and self-described liberals.”

But while it isn’t likely McClatchy understood it, there is something very dark and scary about why these liberals are arming themselves.

In its article, McClatchy noted that all during the Obama years (and indeed as many thought we’d be getting Hillary years ahead) conservatives and Republicans were arming because they feared a President Hillary would ban guns or ammunition or both. McClatchy noted that center right gun buyers were, “nervous gun rights advocates” who “reported stockpiling guns and ammunition they feared would no longer be available if the Democrat won the White House.”

But McClatchy says liberals have a far different reason to start stockpiling arms and ammunition.

“People have expressed concern that an increase in hate crimes since Trump’s election could escalate into something more violent, Smith said, and they want to be prepared,” McClatchy reported.

The Federalist Papers reports that it’s important to note that the fake news put out by the mainstream media of the numerous hate crime hoaxes — perpetrated in many cases by Muslims and/or leftists — after Trump’s win, has clearly led, at least in part, to this hysteria.

As Huston pointed out, there’s a major difference between the rationale of the two ideologies. Conservatives were concerned that their Second Amendment right would be trampled on whereas liberals are purchasing guns — despite the left regularly working to take away gun rights — to deal with an apocalyptic outlook based on a fear of those who they disagree with and better yet, those with whom they and the media have demonized.

Sounds like the left has a huge bigotry problem to deal with …

As Huston also pointed out in his must-read piece, there have already been disturbing threats against Trump and even worse:

Indeed, we’ve already had quite a few stories of leftists arrested for threatening to kill Trump. A man in Florida was just arrested last week for posting threats to the President-Elect. In another, more frightening case, a man in New York was apprehended after murdering a UPS driver whom the murderer still insists was Donald Trump.

The left should be ashamed, if they are even capable of it, of the fake news and dangerous hysteria they have promoted.

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