Little Girl Stuns Texas Cops With SHOCKING Question, Then See What’s Behind Her…

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A couple of Texas cops were grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant when suddenly they were approached by a little black girl. She had a special request from them that frankly, they had never been asked to do this before. You see, the little girl named Chloe, 4-years-old, asked if she could pray with them before they ate!

Great parenting!

Cedar Hill Marshals Harris and Wallace were stunned by what a great thing this little girl wanted to do so they each grabbed one of her hands and proceeded to pray with the young girl.

Chloe’s father stood back and captured the wonderful moment on camera.


The Cedar Hill Police Department posted the photo with this caption:

*** A Little Girl’s Prayer ***

Today, while eating lunch, 5 year old, Chloe, approached Cedar Hill Marshal’s Herron and Wallace and asked them if she could pray with them.

Marshals Herron and Wallace admit they’ve never had anyone pray with them and that her prayer was so beautiful.

Her dad captured this photo of her praying with the officers and sent it to us. Our thanks to him for sharing this act of compassion with us.

This is just another wonderful story that shows us that all is not lost. We still have a chance to take our country back from the liberals that spread racism, anti-law enforcement agendas and all the other sickening things that they are destroying America with.

Kudos to the parents of this fine young girl. And we want to thank these officers as well as every man and woman who dedicates their lives to protect and serve and we ask our good Lord to watch over them and keep them safe.

(h/t MyFox8)

God Bless.



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