Liz Cheney’s Connections To China’s Military & Illegal Spying On President Trump Blown Wide Open



First and foremost let me start by stating that much of this article is conjecture. Now, we are not guessing that these connections exist, however, we do not have evidence that Cheney’s husband was working directly with the clients mentioned in this article. That being said, here is what John Solomon and Joe Hoft have discovered and reported on the subject …

Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘How can this be? Liz Cheney’s husband is a partner at Latham & Watkins. This firm has represented companies connected to China’s military. This same firm yesterday was identified as having clients connected to the spying on the Trump White House.

Liz Cheney appears to be the real leader of the effort to punish President Trump and those who supported him on Jan 6 in protest of the stolen 2020 Election. Now we find out her husband is a partner at a law firm whose clients are companies connected to the China military and the same firm with connections to individuals who were spying on the Trump White House.’

John Solomon reported at Just the News on the company where Cheney’s husband is a partner.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) called on the U.S. to stand up to the “generational threat” posed by China while unveiling a major report on Beijing’s “malign behavior” at the same time her husband’s law firm was working on behalf of companies linked to China’s military, intelligence, and security services.

As Cheney stood at the podium, her husband Philip Perry’s law firm was cashing in on legal and lobbying work that his employer — Latham & Watkins (LW), one of the largest law firms in the world — was doing for a host of Chinese companies, some of which were involved in the kind of activity that Cheney was warning had to be stopped.

All of LW’s work discussed in this article was legal, and Perry didn’t work directly on these accounts. But as a partner at the firm, he benefits and profits from all its work.

Perry’s firm’s work for Chinese entities and countries whose human rights abuses and authoritarian rule have troubled the U.S. for years seems to conflict with his wife’s frequent calls for America to stand up to autocratic regimes like China. The dynamic is one familiar to longtime observers of Washington, D.C.: a power couple calling out the very behavior from which they benefit.

What Solomon did not mention in his article, because we didn’t know this until yesterday, is that Cheney’s husband’s firm is also connected to individuals involved in the spying on President Trump in the White House. Techno Fog reports:

On February 11, 2022, Durham filed the Government’s Motion to Inquire into Potential Conflicts of Interest in the Michael Sussmann case. Read it here. As you might recall, Sussmann was charged with giving false statements to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker regarding the interests he was representing in pushing to the FBI the Alfa Bank/Trump Organization hoax. More background information on the Sussmann indictment can be  found here.

The basis for the latest motion is that Sussmann’s current counsel, Latham & Watkins LLP (Latham) might have a conflict of interest because Latham previously represented Perkins Coie and Mark Elias “in this investigation.” It is alleged that Latham “likely possesses confidential knowledge about Perkins Coie’s role in, and views concerning, Sussmann’s past activities.” (Cleaned up.)

There might also be a conflict because Latham was representing both the Clinton Campaign and Hillary for America in the Special Counsel’s investigation. Durham observes that Latham’s duties to these former clients “might cause its interests to diverge from those of [Sussmann].”

Now, to be fair, the law firm that Mr. Perry is a partner at, Latham & Watkins LLP, is no ‘mom and pop’ shop. The outfit employs around 6,000 counselors who speak a combined 60 languages according to Hoft.

That being said it is definitely a possibility that Liz’s husband was not working with any of these clients with connections to the CCP’s military nor those involved in spying on President Trump. HOWEVER, this does not pass the ‘smell test’ … not even close.

Liz Cheney is one of the most prominent Congresswomen in our government and with John McCain gone, I think it is fair to say that she is the most vocal and well known ‘Never Trumpers’ in the GOP. This is just my humble opinion and purely conjecture but the odds that her husband had nothing to do with, or no knowledge of these clients is slim to none.

Hoft closes his piece with the following questions:

‘What really is the reason Liz Cheney hates President Trump so much? Is it because he’s pointing out that she is covering up the real sedition in the US, the 2020 Election steal? Or is it because he successfully put China in its place and that impacts profits for some Americans?’





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