LMFAO! Watch As Kamala Harris Returns To California And Gets Welcomed By TWO PEOPLE- LOOK How Many Just Welcomed TRUMP [WATCH!]


The enthusiasm surrounding Joe Biden’s stolen presidential election is absolutely astounding.

Remember his MASSIVE rallies during the 2020 election?

Yeah, me neither.

10 cars in a dirt lot honking their horns- LMAO!

The same goes for Kamala Harris.

Their ‘rallies’ were pathetic at best.

Meanwhile Trump held actual massive rallies but we are supposed to believe that this senile, useless old garbage beat PRESIDENT TRUMP.


We have the proof. Anyways, back to the enthusiasm on Biden and Harris fraudulent win.

This comes from our friends at 100 Percent FED Up and was written by Allan Miller.

MUST WATCH – Massive crowd of two supporters welcome VP Kamala Harris and her husband back to their California home.

Reported “81 million vote recipient” Kamala Harris and her husband were greeted by all of TWO supporters when the couple returned to their Los Angeles home on Friday afternoon in their first trip home since Harris was sworn in as Vice President last month.

Video taken by a local reporter shows an older couple standing in the curb lane waving while holding an American flag and a Biden-Harris campaign sign as Harris’ motorcade drove by.

The video shows no one else on the street except for a news videographer filming the motorcade.

Video posted to Twitter by Alex Biston with CBSLA and KCAL9:

Harris has no public events planned and is reportedly spending the weekend packing for her expected four-year stay in D.C.

Contrary to Harris’ pitifully attended “welcome home reception”, President Trump was greeted by thousands of cheering supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida last Monday for a President’s Day street-side rally as his motorcade drove by taking the former president to his home at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, as previously reported by 100% FED Up.

The rally to support America’s most popular president in West Palm Beach, Florida comes only two days after President Trump was acquitted for a second time by the Senate after a mob of unhinged Democrats staged an impeachment to prevent him from being able to run for President again in 2024.

Any Democrat who sees this crowd of supporters showing up to support President Trump 3 months after the November election, should be concerned about Donald J. Trump if he decides to run again.

Watch the video of the rally here. It’s already been watched over 788K times!

So anyways, again the elections was stolen and now America will be a socialist cesspool.

Nice job libs, you brainless piles of garbage.

You will soon see how great President Trump ran our country and you will feel it in your pocketbooks.

Go ahead and defund the police. See what happens then you filthy scumbags.

F all libs!

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