SICK: Location Of Next Load Of Obama’s ‘Refugees’ Announced… You WON’T Believe This INSANITY


AFF– San Bernardino, California is the latest U.S. casualty in Obama’s America which has basically turned into a Muslim hellhole. The latest slaughter which took the lives if 14 innocents at the hands of Obama’s Jihadists is all over the headlines.

But here is some shocking new information that has come out regarding the area and Obama’s Muslim infestation that is extremely disturbing.

We all know that Hussein and his filthy liberals WANT Muslim refugees here in America. Of course they don’t take into account the cost or the extreme danger involved. 

The U.S. State Department recently chose Redlands which is where these terrorists lived and had their bomb making factory as the proposed site of a Syrian refugee settlement.

There is already an active, growing Middle Eastern population there thanks to Obama.


Catholic Charities was identified as a broker for the federal government program, Breitbart reports.

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Catholic Charities might want to rethink this one folks. Muslims HATE CATHOLICS. 


Citizens in Redlands, California took action in response to the area’s Muslim immigration threat, appearing before the town’s mayor in a public forum in October to voice their concerns.

Groups including Redlands Tea Party, Redlands Townhall, and Redlands Tea Party Patriots expressed concern about this issue, and two op-eds appeared in local publications.


The situation got so heated that the Islamic Center of Redlands held an “Open Mosque Day” in mid-October to try to quell the community’s concerns.

“I don’t care to be politically correct any longer. This is just a plan for disaster,” one concerned woman told town officials at the public forum as you will see in the video below.

Look, the bottom line is that these people don’t belong here in America. And the good citizens of Redlands don’t want them in their community. They have complete opposite beliefs as we Americans do. They have been instructed to hate and kill Americans.

The only people that want them here are brain dead liberals that haven’t got a clue about a damn thing. Reality is non-existent. They are completely oblivious to basically anything that matters. They get their welfare checks and get high, play video games and maybe commit some robberies or whatever to make a little extra cash to buy some blow or some new kicks (shoes) but again, the majority of democrats are garbage.

As far as refugees go, they need to stay where the hell they are because after all, ISIS is contained so there is no need to come here. We don’t want you. We don’t need you. Stay home and enjoy your sand dunes and mud huts.

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)

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