BREAKING: 3.5 MILLION People On LOCKDOWN After THIS Just Happened


This article contains OPINION as well as FACTS! 

Here we have more insanity caused by the CHINA VIRUS which has caused massive problems across the entire planet.

Frankly, I believe that most people are sick of this crap.

The narrative has changed from the beginning of this purposely developed biological weapon and it’s obvious that the experimental jab is being pushed for one reason -MONEY.

In my opinion the Chinese and Dr. Fauci and his group of so called experts are complicit in this attack against humanity and EVERYONE involved in spreading false information as well as suppressing the facts should be held responsible and that would include PRISON time for those people that are spreading inaccurate information (intentionally) as well as blocking proven therapeutics and alternative treatments that are proven to be extremely effective in combatting this biological weapon.

In my opinion this is all about BIG PHARMA and OUR GOVERNMENT making BILLIONS OF DOLLARS by pushing this unproven ‘vaccine’ while making it impossible to get alternative treatments.

There’s no money in the alternative treatments at this point but if the government continues to make these drugs unavailable then obviously the price of these drugs will skyrocket in price if and when BIG BROTHER allows the public free access to these extremely effective alternatives to this rushed, outdated and potentially fatal experimental ‘vaccine’.


America is looing more like a Communist country with these radical leftists in control and until we take our country back it will only get worse.

Check this out from CHINA where the biological weapon was developed with the help of Dr. Fauci:

Mac Slavo at reports that the Chinese city of Baise has locked down 3.5 million people after they say 100 of them tested positive for COVID-19. Between 70 and 99 cases were recorded over the past three days, according to media reports.

The rulers are still trying to panic the masses with these lockdowns over a cold. On Sunday, Baise Vice-Mayor Gu Junyan announced “citywide traffic controls” with “personnel control strictly enforced and no unnecessary movement of people,” the agency noted. He added that vehicles and people would not, “in principle,” be permitted to enter or leave the city, according to a report by RT.

Mass testing of residents has also begun. The lockdown follows national outbreak containment guidelines that include strict local lockdowns, mass testing, and contact-tracing apps to try and snuff out flare-ups as soon as cases are detected. The present effort comes amid the staging of the Winter Olympics, which run in Beijing until February 20, and the Chinese New Year holiday season.

China has also said they will continue to attempt to force people into compliance with “vaccines” in order to advance a “zero-COVID” policy.  In other words, the agenda will roll on and crush those who oppose it.

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

Baise is the third city to be isolated in the past two months with authorities imposing similar measures in Xi’an, a northwestern city of 13 million people, in late December and Anyang, with five million people, in mid-January.

Never underestimate the lengths the ruling class will go to in order to hang on to power and continue to control and enslave humanity. Even though the evidence that lockdowns don’t work has been rolling in quickly, they achieve a goal for the rulers: Ultimate totalitarian control over every aspect of your life.

*If you have any concerns about COVID consult qualified medical professionals.

BREAKING ALERT: PFIZER’S ‘Confidential Documents’ CONFIRM The Experimental “VACCINE” Can Cause THIS!

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God Bless.

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