Look At What These FEMINAZI’S Are Doing Now… This Is Sickening



This is a prime example of liberalism being a total mental disease…


Feminism isn’t about equality anymore. Many years ago, feminism was relevant when women couldn’t own property or vote, then it was necessary. Now, feminism is all about political agenda. Not one feminist that I’ve ever talked to cares about equality. They only care about demeaning men and whining about what they perceive as problems. They don’t care about women, men, or equal rights. Today it is for women who can’t think for themselves and need a crutch to lean on. Women can be independent, self-reliant, strong, fair and feminine without being called feminists.

One of the most relevant and disturbing recent extreme forms of feminism was a trend called “free-bleeding”.

Women vowed not to wear man made products to control their monthly flow. As a woman I find this really disgusting not to mention the health risks involved.

Modern Woman Digest has the full description:

The idea behind this movement is two different ideas. One, is that a woman’s time of the month should not be considered something unclean and unnatural, something to be hidden and cleaned up hastily before it has the chance to offend anyone who may become privy to the fact that said woman’s body is evacuating her loins of unused baby blood. The second, being that tampons, pads, and other feminine hygiene products are “man” made inventions, intended to inadvertently rape a woman during her period, thus furthering her victim status as a woman living in a world run by men. These two reasons combined, have produced the idea that women need to make a stand against the practice of wearing products which collect, absorb, and discard the menstrual flow. That by letting it run freely, is the way nature intended us to deal with our monthly.

Ok with that being said, if modern feminists do not believe in man made products, the best advice I can give you is go live in a cave, because I hate to break it to you that every product we use to keep good hygiene from the shampoo to deodorant have been made by man. So that also means the car you drive, your house, the clothing you wear, your city water, your electricity, and basically everything you eat. Come on now, if you are going to live by extreme feminism, do it right.

I find modern feminism to cherry pick their battles and to act for everything but genuine equality. When it came time to argue about circumcision of the genders they threw men under the bus and many even cut their own children.

Today’s woman is strong and independent, we can be whatever the hell we want to be. Myself, I do not need to conform to a extremists group to make myself feel better. I’m a realist, I prefer to think for myself.

Editors note: Uh, well never mind. Carry on! Lol Dean James AFF

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