LOOK: Democrats Are DEMANDING to Cancel Classic American Motto ‘Live Free or Die’


As “woke” cancel culture crybabies continue to throw their radical left temper tantrums, it seems they are “triggered” by just about anything these days. They get triggered by a rock and call it racist! (That’s in my next article.)

Why in the hell are the majority tolerating the tantrums of the few?  Why in the hell do the majority allow the few to eradicate our nations history?


Personally all I have to say to these snowflakes is GO TO HELL YOU FILTHY SCUMBAGS!

Anyways, now these lunatics are bitching about the motto “LIVE FREE OR DIE.”

As Breitbart News explains, the woke babies are so afraid of words that now they are focusing on a State’s Motto!  Former congressional candidate Matt Mowers on Friday attacked New Hampshire Democrats for attempting to cancel the state’s motto, “Live Free or Die.”

“Following @ChrisPappasNH‘s lead, the Liberals are once again trying to cancel Live Free or Die. Live Free or Die isn’t just a slogan on a license plate — it’s our way of life in the Granite State. We won’t let them cancel New Hampshire,” Mowers wrote about Rep. Chris Pappas (D-NH) and the Democrat Party. 


“As Liberals across America continue their crusade to cancel the American spirit, it comes as no surprise that they have once again turned their sights on our state’s great motto,” Mowers told Breitbart News. “This isn’t something new. When Chris Pappas was a State Rep. long ago, he pushed to cancel Live Free or Die while at the same time calling Granite Staters brainwashed for fighting against an income tax. Pappas didn’t represent New Hampshire then, and he sure doesn’t now.”

Politicians all have their own agendas and they are ALL part of the problems our nation currently faces that has our nation not only in distress, but on the brink of losing freedom.

What matters here is that a State’s motto is under attack from the radical left democrats and honestly, it should be our nation’s motto, “Live FREE or Die”.

In the coming days one can only speculate just how real those words are truly going to be, because none of us are living free from tyranny and Marxism in our nation.  That’s just cold blunt fact.

Breitbart has more:

But New Hampshire state Rep. Steve Woodcock (D) defended cancel culture by suggesting the motto is triggering and that he is concerned school children will “cut” their “arms” because “they are in pain” due to the motto:

“If I am seeing students in middle school and high school who had their arms cut all the way up from razor blades because they are in pain, and I put on the front door of every building ‘Live Free or Die,’ I’m concerned about the trigger that sends that these adolescents, as they come in every day.”

Okay, that is the most absurd thing I’ve read all day. Seriously dude?

“I’m a retired school principal and I’ve seen the mental health issues our young people face,” Woodcock said. “I’ve seen the cutting, the self-mutilation. It scares me that you have people whose frontal lobes haven’t developed and they walk into a school building and it says ‘Live Free or Die,’ it can be triggering for suicide or rash actions.”

That is the biggest crock of crap. Kids who cut themselves with razor blades have mental problems, problems at home or have a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

To defend the motto, state Republicans have introduced a bill to give local school boards the ability to determine what is best for their children, blocking the state government from tyrannical overreach. House Bill 69 states the following:

No power or authority of the state of New Hampshire, or any political subdivision thereof, shall in any way restrict, or be construed to restrict, the authority of any school or school district to display the national motto, “In God We Trust,” or the state motto, “Live Free or Die,” in any school building.

Republican strategist Patrick Griffin called the cancelation “comical.”

“The Democrats demonstrated their preferred state motto would be: ‘Live Taxed, Regulated and Oppressed by the Government, or Die.’ That’d look pretty snappy on a license plate,” Griffin stated. “These people are so out of touch, so tone-deaf, that they demonstrate again their ability to alienate members of their own party and independents will run from them.”

Politicians will never change and their greed and corruption sold their souls to corporate America.  Let’s be honest, the current federal government does not run this nation, big corporations do.  They OWN the politicians and it is no secret, it’s not some wild conspiracy theory, it is simple facts.

The PEOPLE from new Hampshire are the only ones who actually decide on what they want their state to represent as well as their motto’s.

One can only hope our nation does not fall the final blow to Marxism, which would make freedom a myth of the past.  The last half of the phrase “Live Free or Die” is “Death is not the worst evil.” A Revolutionary war General from New Hampshire said that.




Cover Photo cropped from Sean Hannity’s new book.



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