BREAKING: Look What Democrats Just Did IMMEDIATELY After Vegas Massacre… This Is SICK


It never ceases to amaze the depths to which the left will sink in an effort to politicize a tragedy.  The Las Vegas shooting is no exception. With a current death toll at 58 and expected to rise as 515 people are reported as injured, the left is already pushing the gun control agenda.

The suspect, according to Fox News, was 64-year-old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada. Police report he killed himself after shooting streams of bullets from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel located on the Las Vegas strip.


He shot into a crowd of 22,000 attendees during a Jason Aldean concert at around 10:08 p.m. local time Sunday event, according to reports from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

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In response, Nevada politicians issued strong condemnations of the shooting. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval called the shooting an “act of cowardice” in a tweet.

“A tragic & heinous act of violence has shaken the  family. Our prayers are w/ the victims & all affected by this act of cowardice.”



Yet, as usual, the left just cannot wait to use a tragedy to push their agenda. The usual suspects gathered on social media to push for gun control demanding we “begin the conversation.” Sen. Chris Murphy (CT-D) took to Twitter to tear into Congress for being “so afraid of the gun industry.” Murphy represents the families of victims in the deadly December 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. Murphy tweeted, “It’s time for Congress to get off its ass and do something.”

Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to attack the NRA after declaring it was time to “put politics aside” after the horrific Las Vegas massacre. She tweeted, “Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.”

She tweeted, “Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.” In yet another tweet, Hillary suggested that the NRA was somehow to blame suggesting that bloodshed would have been much worse if left up to the NRA. She stated, “The crowd fled at the sound of gunshotsImagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.”


Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) echoed Hillary’s sentiment claiming “Thoughts & prayers are NOT enough. Not when more moms & dads will bury kids this week, & more sons & daughters will grow up without parents.” Warren is demanding that Congress act to “have the conversation about how to stop gun violence. We need it NOW.”

Carolyn Maloney (NY-D) is another calling on Congress to “show they care by taking action.” Jim Himes (CT-D) echoed the same agenda driven comments stating – “Once again, I’m devastated by the carnage in NV Once again, I offer my thoughts & prayers Once again, I wonder if we’ll do anything about it.” Cory Booker (NJ-D) used this opportunity to ask the typical leftist rhetorical questions of “how can I prevent something like this from happening again.” They never seem to grasp that criminals do not follow laws.

Those that love peace must prepare for war. The shooter is said to have committed his heinous crimes with fully automatic weapons.  Yet, law enforcement claims Paddock is unknown to them and the ATF is known to have a registry of every legally-owned full-auto firearm.  The ATF also informs local law enforcement of all who own them in their jurisdiction. Legally-owned fully-automatic weapons have been used in just three crimes since 1934. Yet the left is using Las Vegas to push for gun control for legal gun owners.

Nancy Pelosi was not to be left out sending an open letter to House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, demanding that the day after the shooting needed to be about more than just mourning and prayer with the only possible solution being the quick passage of a bill to stiffen background checks for gun purchases.

Pelosi stated –

“Congress has a moral duty to address this horrific and heartbreaking epidemic. Charged with the solemn duty to protect and defend the American people, we must respond to these tragedies with courage, unity and decisive action.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in this tragedy.

God Bless America!

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