BREAKING: Look What Happened Immediately After Trump Welcomed Bernie Supporters [VID]


Following the primary and caucus voting on Tuesday night, GOP front-runner Donald Trump delivered his victory speech and he reached out to the voters that had previously backed other candidates- like Bernie Sanders! 

Hell yeah! Trump said in his victory speech, “To those who voted for someone else, in either party, I will work hard to earn your support, and I will work very hard to earn that support!”


“To all of those Bernie Sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of Super-delegates, we welcome you with open arms,” he said as the crowd erupted with cheers and applause.

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Trump pointed out that he and Sanders have some things in common, specifically the horrible international trade deals the Obama administration has made and assured Sanders’ supporters that he will make far superior deals that will protect American workers just like Bernie.


Tons of Democrats and Independents are fed up with the way our country is getting screwed and that’s why Trump as well as Sanders have people so fired up.

With Sanders all but finished, many of his supporters have vowed to jump on the Trump train! Many of them despise Hillary and feel that Trump is a much better choice.


Trump posted a thank you to the Republican National Committee on his Facebook page and believe it or not, there were a lot of longtime Dems and Bernie supporters that commented that they will indeed be jumping on the Trump Train!


Here’s a sample of a few of the comments from the ‘FEEL THE BERN” crowd on Trumps post:

Nic Allan wrote:I and a bunch of Bernie supporters will be voting Trump this November. I refuse to vote for someone who sells the American people out to foreign entities.”

Well, on behalf of all of us we welcome you Nic and all of your buddies! 

And Mac Zeff wrote:My family has traditionally been Democrats. We are voting TRUMP this time around. If Hillary is the best the Democrats can produce for the working class, its time to disband the Democrat party.”

Again, welcome brother! Let’s get our country back on track, Mac!

Another patriot named Patti Lowe thanked the Bernie supporters and wrote:Donald J Trump for our next President. Thank you to the Bernie supporters who will vote for Donald J Trump in Nov. 2016. We must unite behind Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House.”

And Juanita Mae Ish Poloskey wrote: “Super! We need Bernie’s voters to come to Trump! I was a democrat all my life, this year I believe Trump is the only person who can get America back!!!”

Hell yeah! Now THAT’S what I’m talking about baby!

Our friends at Conservative Tribune add that this is but a tiny sampling of many, many comments from self-proclaimed Sanders supporters and Democrats who claimed to be switching their allegiance to the Republican nominee, if only for this particular election cycle.

It will be interesting to see how effective Trump’s outreach to infuriated Sanders fans will be in preventing Clinton from successfully gathering Democrats and independents in support her candidacy.

As of right now, it isn’t looking good for her.

Again, we welcome the Sanders supporters, at least the ones that don’t go around beating Trump supporters up!

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To those that do riot, throw rocks at cops and beat up people I’m thinking that since Hillary screwed you all, maybe you should show up at HER rallies and let your voices be heard! Just a though and I must say that I do NOT advocate violence!



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