BREAKING: Look What Was Just BLOWN Out Of The Sky Above Alaska – It’s OVER For North Korea

A THAAD interceptor is launched during a successful test © US Department of Defense / Reuters


The U.S. on Tuesday test-fired its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD )anti-ballistic missile system from Alaska that successfully intercepted a target missile launched from an Air Force Cargo plane north of Hawaii, according to the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

The drill was previously scheduled in June and comes a week after North Korea successfully test-launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile capable of hitting Alaska, Fox News reported.


THAAD is used to intercept short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles. It does not target intercontinental ballistic missiles. The U.S. has a perfect record on launches, hitting 14 out of 14 targets.

“The successful demonstration of THAAD against an IRBM-range missile threat bolsters the country’s defensive capability against developing missile threats in North Korea and other countries around the globe and contributes to the broader strategic deterrence architecture,” the MDA said in the statement.

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“I couldn’t be more proud of the government and contractor team who executed this flight test today,” said Missile Defense Agency Director Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves. “This test further demonstrates the capabilities of the THAAD weapon system and its ability to intercept and destroy ballistic missile threats. THAAD continues to protect our citizens, deployed forces and allies from a real and growing threat.”


Soldiers from the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade on Kodiak conducted launches using the same procedures they would use in an actual combat scenario, the statement read. Soldiers operating the equipment were not aware of the actual target launch time.


“The THAAD radar first detected, acquired and tracked the target. The THAAD system then developed a fire control solution and launched an interceptor that destroyed the target’s reentry vehicle with sheer force of a direct collision,” a statement from Lockheed Martin, the system’s manufacturer, states.

Lockheed’s vice-president of Upper Tier Integrated Air and Missile Defense Systems, Richard McDaniel, called THAAD’s performance on Tuesday “flawless.”

“This was the 14th successful intercept in 14 attempts for the THAAD system since 2005,” the Lockheed Martin statement says. Previous targets, however, were of different types than the latest IRBM, Reuters reported.

Amanda Shea at Freedom Daily has more:

North Korea has pushed Trump and America too far and have now just been issued our most assertive message to them yet. They thought they had us with being able to strike Alaska but forgot that the U.S. has the most powerful military in the world. This was proven by successfully shooting down the first intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) over Alaska today.

U.S. forces testing the THAAD system this morning in Alaska is another, more assertive, effort to double-down on the safety and security of Americans and our allies which our president and his administration have as a top priority.  Lockheed Martin developed this system years ago to shut down the ability of rogue nations to launch a nuclear strike against America and today’s successful interception proves how vital it is to our security. The THAAD defense system is like no other in the world, so as Kim Jong-Un continues to talk about destroying America, all it will ever amount to is his puffed up ego and tough-talking. Our defense systems consistently improve, while North Korea can’t even afford to run electricity for their people at night.

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