Look Who’s Applying For Marriage Licenses Now… It Was Only A Matter Of Time



In Billings, Montana, with the recent Supreme Court ruling of same-sex marriage, a Lockwood family is looking into rights of their own. Nathan Collier is wanting a marriage license to wed a second wife in a polygamous marriage. They recently appeared on a episode of the TLC show “Sister Wives.”

I am surprised it took this long. We will see many other strange variations including sibling marriage, daughters marrying father’s, a muslim and his goat.


Really how can they be denied as there is no longer a definition of a couple? What matters to the progressives is if one loves the other. The idiot liberals set this one up to fail. Once you open those flood gates, there is NO way of stopping ANYONE from marrying their toaster. Let the circus begin!

The polyamorous movement is a national push to allow marriage between multiple partners. Polygamy is illegal under Montana state law, and recognized as a misdemeanor offense.

Nathan Collier and his two wives, Vicki and Christine, said Tuesday that they are simply looking for equality.Nathan is legally married to Vicki, but also wants to legally wed Christine. On Tuesday, Nathan and Christine traveled to the Yellowstone County Courthouse to see if they would be awarded the right to marry under the Marriage Equality Act. “We just want to add legal legitimacy to an already happy, strong, loving family,” said Nathan.

As the two filled out their marriage application they were met with questions. “There’s a spot on there where you put the dissolution date of your previous marriage and we put ‘not applicable,'” said Christine. In fact, the couple was met with varied reaction from employees, who were caught off guard. “So, are you legally married, you didn’t get divorced?” asked one clerk. “We’ll have to deny that, let me go grab the other supervisor real quick so I can get confirmation but as far as I’m aware you can’t be married to two people at the same time,” said another clerk.

The Colliers were initially denied the license, and the clerk later returned to tell the couple that they would have to check with the Montana Attorney General’s office. When asked for comment, the Attorney General’s office referred MTN News to two sections of Montana law, stating polygamy is illegal. “It’s two distinct marriages, it’s two distinct unions, and for us to come together and create family, what’s wrong with that?” said Christine. “I don’t understand why it’s looked upon and frowned upon as being obscene.”

The Colliers have stated they would sue if they were not granted the marriage license.

We knew this was coming. A harbinger of what’s to come day by day. I can imagine other marriage applications of more bizarre arrangements and the irony is that the High Court will have to formally define marriage beyond the current broad concept as their ruling foretold. When they submit a list of permitted uses, they will impair and impugn the others and that’s “subconscious discrimination” under federal law. Then SCOTUS will have to resign from the bench.

With all this marriage equality, let me try to figure out their way of thinking. Is it between a man and a man, a woman and a woman, but now also a man, and a man, and a woman, a woman and a woman, and a man? Now I’ve confused myself, thanks SCOTUS for your incompetence. LOL!



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