BREAKING: Loretta Lynch Just Committed FELONY… She’s Heading To PRISON


Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has even more explaining to do after a new batch of emails was released to the American Center for Law and Justice under a Freedom of Information Act request.

The DOJ released hundreds of emails to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) this week in the investigation of former AG Lynch’s secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton, the Gateway Pundit reported.

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Yesterday, we reported that Lynch’s Department of Justice colluded with the media to cover up the clandestine meeting she had with Bill Clinton at a Phoenix airport, and now we’re learning even more from the same set of documents. Eagle-eyed Internet users noticed something rather strange about a string of emails sent from one Elizabeth Carlisle, and it’s raising some serious red flags.


Ms. Carlisle, a supposed employee of the Justice Department at the time, signed her emails “AG,” as in Attorney General.

Not only that, but emails sent to Ms. Carlisle were addressed to “AG Lynch,” not Elizabeth Carlisle.

Check it out, from the American Mirror:

Who is “Elizabeth Carlisle” and why are her Department of Justice emails signed “AG”?


The American Center for Law and Justice filed an Open Records request with the agency, seeking documents related to Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s mysterious airport tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton during the election.

But eagle-eyed readers, including hacker Kim Dot Com, noted some emails involving Lynch came from an email address for “Elizabeth Carlisle.”


One email, sent among DOJ employees, shows an email sent to “Elizabeth Carlisle,” but in the body of the email, it is addressed to “AG Lynch”:


In the response, the person sending from the “Elizabeth Carlisle” address signs the email “AG”, who wrote, “Thanks to all who worked on this,” referring to a statement that was issued regarding the tarmac meeting with the husband of the person being investigated by the FBI.

Observers note “Elizabeth” is Lynch’s middle name:


Now this…
Reddit The Donald users discovered that Loretta Lynch used her grandmother’s maiden name “Lizzie Carlisle” as her alias.

Loretta’s grandmother’s name is Lizzie Carlisle Harris.
Loretta’s mother’s name is Lorine Harris Lynch.

Here is her grandmother’s death certificate.

Kim DotCom asks readers to find out more on Lynch’s alias “Elizabeth Carlisle”.

It looks like the deep state forgot to cover that up in the emails they released to the ACLJ.

Now this….

AG Loretta Lynch told Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) under oath that she only uses official email in November 2016 — after these above emails were sent.

“Rep. Trey Gowdy: So you use official email to conduct official business?

AG Loretta Lynch: Yes sir. I do.”

That was a complete lie under oath.

Loretta Lynch committed perjury.

Via Reddit The Donald.

So, why would Lynch feel the need to use an alias in her emails?

Easy – to avoid public scrutiny.

Now the ACLJ needs to send an FOIA request for all of Elizabeth Carlisle’s emails and see what they come up with.

(h/t PolitiCulture and Truth Uncensored)

God Bless.

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