Here we go! The new COVID VARIANT (a cold) is causing a massive panic amongst primarily Socialist /Democrats even though it’s been widely reported that this virus has mild symptoms similar to a cold or mild flu.

The biological weapon otherwise known as the CHINA VIRUS / COVID has wreaked havoc across the entire planet.

The CDC, WHO, FDA and the government have insisted that there’s a deadly pandemic out there we all have to take several experimental shots for.

How many shots? Your guess is as good as mine

You can expect a ramp up of mask mandates and a slew of BIG PHARMA ‘CURES.’

These companies are making BILLIONS of dollars of this scamdemic and there is no end in sight.

Breaking 911 reports that The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health confirms its first case of COVID-19 with mutations consistent with the new Omicron variant. The individual returned to Los Angeles County after travel to South Africa via London on 11/22/2021. This infection is most likely travel-related, officials said.

The individual, whose age was not revealed, is a fully vaccinated adult and a Los Angeles County resident. Their “symptoms are improving without medical care,” the health department said.

A small number of close contacts in Los Angeles have been identified and, to date, all have tested negative and have no symptoms.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have always known there would be more mutations, resulting in the possibility of a more dangerous variant than the Delta variant,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health. “While we can’t know for certain the impact of Omicron at this time, the good news is that we already know how to reduce transmission and slow spread using both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions. I encourage everyone to take the steps that we know offer protection, including getting vaccinated or boosted, tested if you feel sick or are a close contact, and wearing your mask indoors and at large mega events.”


Mac Slavo at has more:

Moderna’s president says that an omicron booster shot could be available in March. It was laughable from the beginning to think that this nonsense would stop at just two shots.

Moderna President Stephen Hoge said he believes booster shots carrying genes specifically targeting mutations in the newly-discovered Omicron variant would be the quickest way to address any anticipated reductions in vaccine efficacy it may cause.   “We’ve already started that program,” he told Reuters. 

This new scariant was allegedly discovered on November 19 and they somehow already have it isolated and purified so they can create a “vaccine?” Fascinating, considering the Food and Drug Administration is still saying the original SARS-CoV-2 virus hasn’t even been isolated yet.

Page 43 of 80 2nd paragraph 2nd sentence. ” Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCOV were available for CDC…” (they used “characterized Stock”)

The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

Moderna would be able to manufacture the vaccine as it was conducting the testing of the vaccine Hoge said. That way it will be ready to be injected into the willing sheep as quickly as possible.  He said the FDA is currently assessing the threat to vaccine protection posed by the Omicron variant.

Anyone want to place bets that this will be “vaccine-resistant” and everyone will need a fourth shot?

The agency could provide a faster timeline, akin to the way it approves vaccines for influenza, by approving changes in the flu strains, which would shorten the three to four-month timeline.

They have already told us that their vaccine-induced immunity will wane over time, and that’s the reason for all the breakthrough infections. They have set the stage for us to get possibly monthly doses of whatever the hell in those syringes so they can complete their New World Agenda and ensure our enslavement is permanent.

Even though this omicron scariant is mild, expect this to be on the roster as another shot needed to be considered “fully vaccinated.” The goalposts will keep moving and we will keep being slaves until the day enough of us decide we’d rather be free.

This will never end.

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*BREAKING: Chinese Doctors Claim To Have CURE For COVID- ALL STRAINS- 5,200,00 DEATHS Later- FAUCI IS SCREWED!

*JUST IN: FDA Makes Huge COVID RECALL-“Use Of These Tests Can Cause High Probability Of SERIOUS Health Effects Or Even DEATH”

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