Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s controversial proposal to limit Muslims entering the United States until vital improvements are made in the vetting and screening process has caused a firestorm across the nation.

Liberals, Muslims and even republicans have been hammering the Donald over his common-sense proposal but strangely enough, he has attracted support from an extremely unlikely ally – Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan!

I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but it’s true! 

In an exclusive interview with InfoWars, Farrakhan actually praised Trump while offering support for his blanket ban on Muslim immigrants due to the growing hatred of the West in the Middle East.


Farrakhan said that Trump was “wise” to call for such measures.

Farrakhan drew attention to the Obama administration’s disastrous policy of arming jihadists in Libya and Syria, noting that the blowback had, “created a refugee crisis that is destabilizing the countries in Europe.”

“So when Mr. Trump said we can’t allow these Muslim refugees into America, a lot of people were upset with him, but I know the hatred for America in the Muslim world is building,” said Farrakhan, adding that U.S. foreign policy had united Islamists against the west.

“So in this way I think Mr. Trump is wise to vet anyone coming from that area into America because the hatred for America is in the streets now,” asserted Farrakhan, adding that if the U.S. wasn’t careful about the vetting process, it might be inviting its own “destruction”.


Farrakhan also said that Trump’s domination in the polls is a result of a ‘heightened environment of political correctness that has caused frustration amongst white people who can’t say what they really feel and said, “Mr Trump says ‘to heck with that’ – I’ll tell you what’s really on my mind and that is freeing a lot of people that like what he’s doing.”

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The Nation of Islam leader also likened establishment politicians to prostitutes and said he admires Trump because he isn’t bought and paid for like the rest.

“They parade themselves before rich and powerful people to get money apparently for their ideas that the rich agree with, but the moment that they become what they’re looking to become they find that the rich have an agenda for them, that the rich have something to ask of them like the john asks of the prostitute,” said Farrakhan, adding that he admired Trump because, “he told them all – I don’t want your money.”

He points out that when a politician isn’t controlled by outside money, he’s freer than the others to really do good for the masses of the people.

Pointing out that the next election is a crucial point in American history, Farrakhan says, “I think that today we’re in the midst of the darkest hour in American history and so if we don’t make the right move with the right people at the right time, the America that we know we’re not going to see it become great again.”

Farrakhan makes complete sense here and frankly, I am actually in total agreement with him. I NEVER thought in a million years I would be saying that I agree with Farrakhan but I do!

Just think of how great this could be for Donald Trump’s campaign! Farrakhan backing Trump is bound to have a profound impact within the black community and should get a lot of them to vote for Trump. Awesome.

Will Farrakhan vote for Trump? We may never know but it could possibly be revealed on January 20 when Infowars will air the hour long exclusive interview with Farrakhan in which the controversial figure acknowledges that his views have changed and evolved.


If you are confused, don’t worry. I am too…


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