RED ALERT: “Mad Dog” Mattis Issues INTENSE Warning During Confirmation Hearing, “If You Confirm Me, My…”

“If you confirm me, my watchwords will be solvency and security in providing for the protection of our people and the survival of our freedoms,”~General Mattis



Defense secretary nominee Gen. James Mattis gave the senate a blunt and intense warning Thursday morning.  General Mattis said directly, the established world order is under its “biggest attack” since World War II as he called for boosting military readiness and America’s alliances.

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“I think [the world order is] under the biggest attack since World War II … from Russia, from terrorist groups and with what China is doing in the South China Sea.”



“I’ve watched three presidents commit themselves to new relationships with Vladimir Putin, all three have been an abysmal failure,” McCain said, asking Mattis what he would do.

“I think right now the most important thing is that we recognize the reality of what we deal with Mr. Putin, and we recognize that he is trying to break the North Atlantic alliance, and that we take the steps — the integrated steps — diplomatic, economic, military — and the alliance steps — working with our allies to defend ourselves where we must,” Mattis said.


He identified Russian aggression, terrorism and Chinese aggressiveness in the South China Sea as the biggest attacks since WWII.

“I think deterrence is critical right now, sir, absolutely and that requires a strong military,” Mattis said, adding the military is not strong enough right now.

“I’m all for engagement, but we also have to recognize reality and what Russia is up to,” Mattis said. “And there’s a decreasing number of areas where we can engage cooperatively, and an increasing number of areas where we’re going to have to confront Russia.”

At the start of the hearing, a former Democratic senator and former Clinton secretary of defense implored the committee to both grant the waiver and confirm Mattis.

“Exceptions for this restriction should be based on the experience, the skills and the character of the nominee,” said former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn. “I also believe your examination of Jim Mattis’ character, credentials and record will convince you … he should be granted a waiver.”

“He has the nickname of Mad Dog — it’s a misnomer. It should be ‘brave heart,'” added former Defense Secretary William Cohen. “This man, Jim Mattis, brings to the job of secretary of defense a great and brave heart.”

I fully believe that the General Mattis should be the Secretary of Defense and everything he stated this morning is absolute truth.   We haven’t  been able to hear truth in 8 years from our government, with Mattis we will see more conflicts but they are conflicts that should have already happened.

Bring forth the Devil Dog and unleash the military…

Source: FOX

God Bless.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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