The refusal of the FBI to indict Hillary Clinton over her egregious violations of federal law is still something Americans are outraged over, and now we have even more information as to how she avoided jail time.

A new analysis from former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy thoroughly explains who it was that shielded Hillary from prosecution, and it wasn’t anybody in the FBI. In fact, he wrote in a National Review column every shred of evidence that it wasn’t James Comey or Andrew McCabe who shielded Hillary, it was Obama himself.



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The Daily Wire had this to say about the column:


Before getting into detail, key points to keep in mind include:

  • The email exchanges between Obama and Clinton most certainly contained classified information due to the nature of the relationship between a president and a secretary of state, and because the Obama administration refused to disclose the emails.
  • If classified information was criminally mishandled by Clinton, it would have been mishandled on the other end by Obama.
  • If Clinton was charged, Obama’s involvement in the scandal would be glaringly obvious.
  • Text messages from anti-Trump and pro-Clinton FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reinforce McCarthy’s argument.

Two days after The New York Times broke the scandal about Clinton in March 2015, John Podesta — who was an advisor to the president and head of Clinton’s campaign — emailed Clinton confidant and top State Department aide Cheryl Mills to tell her that the email exchanges between Obama and Clinton should not be disclosed, but “held” because of executive privilege.


Three days after Podesta’s email, Obama lied on national television during an interview with CBS about the email scandal, saying that he learned about it “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

By lying on national television, Obama caused mass panic among his and Hillary’s aides.

  • Clinton campaign secretary Josh Scherwin emailed former White House Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri: “Jen you probably have more on this but it looks like POTUS just said he found out HRC was using her personal email when he saw it on the news.”

  • Scherwin’s email was forwarded to Mills.

  • Mills emailed Podesta: “We need to clean this up — he has emails from her — they do not say”

McCarthy explained in his piece that Obama assisted in the cleanup of the lies by sealing all of his email communications with Hillary using executive privilege:

Obama had his email communications with Clinton sealed. He did this by invoking a dubious presidential-records privilege. The White House insisted that the matter had nothing to do with the contents of the emails, of course; rather, it was intended to vindicate the principle of confidentiality in presidential communications with close advisers. With the media content to play along, this had a twofold benefit: Obama was able (1) to sidestep disclosure without acknowledging that the emails contained classified information, and (2) to avoid using the term “executive privilege” — with all its dark Watergate connotations — even though that was precisely what he was invoking.

Note that claims of executive privilege must yield to demands for disclosure of relevant evidence in criminal prosecutions. But of course, that’s not a problem if there will be no prosecution.

You can read the rest of McCarthy’s in-depth column by following this link, and we strongly recommend doing so as it makes a bulletproof case for Obama being the culprit behind protecting Hillary.

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