Maine Just Put Welfare Leeches In Their Place… Every American Needs To See What Happened Next


Your free ride is over- get a fricking job…



Maine Governor Paul LePage on Monday revived legislation to crack down on welfare fraud, making good on his 2014 campaign promise to tighten the restrictions on welfare programs and help speed up the transition from “welfare to work.”

Democrats are NOT happy campers of course. They say the restrictions are too strict and targets people in ‘poverty’ areas.Well if you don’t work you will end up in POVERTY! Let me tell you, I see these people on government programs and they are ROLLING! New clothes, top of the line kicks (shoes), cellphones and nice cars!

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But Republicans want people to succeed. And people won’t succeed if they just lay around and wait for their freed food and checks. Democrats just don’t understand this concept.


LePage’s bill would require applicants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to apply for three jobs before receiving state aid, while prohibiting the use of electronic benefit cards to purchase tobacco, liquor, tattoos, lottery tickets or to pay for bail in case they get arrested! Brilliant!

The bill would also ban using benefit cards for purchases outside of the state. Makes sense!



NPO from Q Political reports:

Governor Paul LePage of Maine passed a measure last year that requires recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program to complete a certain number of work, job-training, or volunteer hours in order to be eligible for assistance. The new requirement has resulted in a dramatic decline in food stamp enrollment, resulting in a logical win-win for all of Maine. 

This works for me!

At the end of 2014 the enrollment count for SNAP was approximately 12,000 individuals. Now that individuals have to complete either 20 hours of part-time work a week, volunteer for at least 24 hours per month, or get involved in a vocational program, the amount of SNAP recipients has dramatically dropped from 12,000 to approximately 2,500 by the end of March…Impressive, right?

Again, who can argue with this? Oh yeah, Democrats…

So in other words, if you really need help, which many people do, then you will need to prove that you are making every effort to find work because after all- this is what it is all about! This isn’t about seeing how long you can sit on your lazy a** collecting free sh*t while all of us work our fricking a**es off.

This is a huge victory for the Republicans of Maine and of course the sore loser Democrats are trying to tarnish the reformation’s success. Democrats are urging for special measures to ease back on some of the new requirements because they are too strict. However, their response is ill-fated because even if the requirements loosen up, once someone is removed from Maine’s food stamp program, it will be another three years before they can receive benefits again from the program.

Congratulations Maine Republicans! Now we just need other states to follow the trail you have blazed so that we can utilize the leeches of society in a beneficial way to the community and actually assist those in need. Share this article to celebrate this Republican victory!

I will add that personally I believe that the ‘tough love’ approach works better in almost every aspect of life as opposed to giving in and letting people do what the hell they want- at OTHERS EXPENSE. Bravo Mr. Governor…

Enjoy this video! 



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