BREAKING: Major Conservative Radio Host Found On Hillary’s “KILL LIST” In Latest WikiLeak Dump… SPREAD THIS

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Hillary Clinton declined during her tenure as secretary of state to fight for radio talk-show host Michael Savage’s request to be lifted from a travel band to the United Kingdom, according to emails from her private account released by WikiLeaks.

Clinton expressed her indifference to Savage’s ban on travel in an email to her chief legal counsel Cheryl Mills on June 5, 2009 in an email titled “ Savage holding pattern and next steps” from her private email account—

Mills replied to Clinton from her official State Department email address ––e explaining to Clinton that the type of ban imposed by the U.K. on the talk-show kingpin could be employed in the United States under current law.

The State Department’s then deputy legal adviser Joan Donoghue investigated Savage’s ban from the U.K. and explained to Mills.

“The demarche was delivered Friday in London, to FCO and Home Office officials. The Embassy passed your letter to them, drawing their attention in particular to Mr. Savage’s statement that he had never advocated violence and that his statements had never instigated violence,” Donoghue’s brief report said. “The British officials said that, given Mr. Savage’s legal action in the UK, Treasury solicitors would contact his legal representatives directly to provide details of the comments that had given rise to the decision to exclude him.”

“Joan makes good points,” Clinton replied. “Let’s hold on doing anything until we all talk.”


Clinton’s legal counsel Mills justified the ban against Savage in another email the same day, pointing out that the ban could happen in the U.S. on the same grounds.


Savage weighed in on the Clinton’s decision to ignore U.K’s  ban.


“I have long believed that someone in the Clinton camp worked in cahoots with the socialist Labor Party government to destroy my career,” the controversial California radio talk-show host told WND. “These emails show that Mrs. Clinton herself had the power to appeal to the British government to remove my name from their banned list but refused to do so. Why? As an American citizen I appealed to Hillary Clinton as secretary of state to defend my First Amendment rights. She refused to do so. Why?”

Savage has been banned from entering Britain since October 2009, when the government concluded that he is an agent of “extremism” and “intolerance” for attacking the Koran as a “book of hate. He is the third most popular radio talk show host in the United States with eight million listeners a week on close to 400 terrestrial radio stations coast to coast, according to independent audience ratings. He is also a widely read author, with six of his non-fiction books having made it to the New York Times bestseller list in recent years.

The UK has been able to ban people who promote hatred, terrorist violence or serious criminal activity, since 2005. 

If a leftist like Hillary Clinton in control, we will face epic battles over free speech, political correctness, and thought control, resulting in people like Michael Savage disappearing from the airwaves.

Your first amendment rights will only be permitted if you use that right to support the Democrats’ policies.

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 God Bless.


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