BREAKING: Major Country Defies Muslims, Bans the Burqa… America Needs To Do This NOW

With Radical Islamic Terrorism rampant across the world and the infestation of Muslims infiltrating and exploiting civilized nations, some countries are beginning to see the light and realize that this unprecedented rise by this backwards, hateful group of people needs to be put in check.

Part of this battle is to ban their warped customs. You know, beating women, raping children and animals and the basics. One step is to ban what many might consider to be the most ridiculous fashion statement- wearing the God awful burqa.

Yeah, covering one’s body from head to toe with itchy, stinking and extremely ugly cloth for the purpose of NOT being seen. At least, that’s what it seems to be. I am not an expert on burqas as this whole Muslim thing didn’t exist until liberals elected a Muslim for president.


Regardless, America has been destroyed by Obama so we have to deal with the backlash. And so does Bulgaria.

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The Bulgarian Parliament has overwhelmingly given the green light to a proposed ban on the wearing of burqas in the country, with only eight Members of Parliament voting against it, Breitbart reports.


The bill’s approval means that Bulgaria is on track to becoming the third European country, after France and the Netherlands, to ban clothing that covers the face in public places.

The bill would levy a hefty fine on first and second offenses, as well as rescind government benefits on subsequent offenses, Conservative Tribune reports.


In addition, those who persuade others to wear the veil will get a hefty  fine and face up to three years in prison, while for those who persuade minors to wear the veil the penalties are doubled and face a maximum of five years’ jail time.

The bill was tabled by the Patriotic Front (PF), who have already been instrumental in getting local bans put in place. The text makes it clear that the bill is aimed at “the aggressive enforcement of limits to personal freedom and human dignity of the women,” particularly in communities where “radical Islam exists,” reports Balkan Insight.

During the debate Lyutvi Mestan, the leader of DOST and former chair of the MRF called the bill “comic and pathetic”. MRF member Tuncher Kardjaliev, said the draft law addressed an artificial problem and slammed it as “pure populism”. And his MRF colleague Hamid Hamid said there was no need for a ban as the garment is only worn by a small number of Roma Salafists in the city of Pazardjik.

But Julian Angelov from the PF hit back: “The fact that we have 20 or 100 women with burqas does not mean that we should wait for them to become 150,000.”

The ban will cover Bulgarian citizens, migrants, and temporary residents, and applies to all public areas including parks, public and private transport, schools and gardens, but will not apply to private homes or places of worship. Exceptions may be made for medical or professional reasons, and during sporting and cultural events.

Muslims account for about 12 per cent of Bulgaria’s population, and mostly belong to a centuries old population made up mostly of ethnic Turks, among which the wearing of the veil is not common. But the garment has gained popularity with Roma Salafists living mostly in the central city of Pazardjik.

The city already has a regional ban, put in place in April to diffuse tension between communities and to boost security following the terrorist attacks on Paris and Brussels.

“I am tired to hear that Pazardjik is the town of the burqas. We want to say aloud that we are not that, but a town of responsible people and we will be associated with other achievements,” Mayor Todor Popov told national radio at the time, according to theTelegraph.

Hell yeah! Ban those ugly Burqas. These women don’t WANT to wear these hideous things. They are forced to or they will be beaten or have their heads cut off. These people are animals. There’s no place for them in America.

Look,I’m ready fro the mini-skirts and leather boots that were popular back in the 60’s to come back, lol. Burqa’s? Yeah, they don’t do a damn thing for me personally.

Ban them- they are evil. So is Obama.

God Bless.

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