BREAKING: This MAJOR GOP Candidate Just Exposed In Massive SEX SCANDAL… Spread This Everywhere!


Marco Rubio, as Donald Trump likes to call him, “Little Marco” looks to be in trouble, not only that his campaign is all but finished but, reports have surfaced that Rubio has a problem with infidelity. No Buenos amigo.

Rubio has been attacking Trump lately so we, in turn will fire right back. We exposed him for his anti-gun stance and shady deals with corrupt politicians.

You may not know this but the FBI has been investigating Congressman David Rivera (R-FL), one of Mr. Rubio’s best friends and long-time political allies, and arguably one of the most corrupt members of congress in Florida’s history.

Look, we hate to bash our candidates but at this point, the only way that Trump isn’t our nominee is if he gets screwed by the establishment garbage that will do anything to see to it that Trump fails. And Rubio, as well as Cruz are completely on board with this attack. Well, America’s Freedom Fighters isn’t on board with the anti Trump trash that losers like Romney and other idiots are pushing.


So let’s get to the meat of the Rubio scandal, shall we? Let’s roll.

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U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has carried on at least two extramarital affairs since he entered politics, Charles Johnson at GotNews reports.


The first woman was Amber Stoner, a 36-year-old woman who worked for Rubio when he was head of the Florida Republican Party.

Stoner, who later became a lobbyist, traveled with Rubio at least seventeen times, including several resort towns on the GOP credit card. Rubio still hasn’t released all of his credit card records from his time heading the party.


Now, Political Insider is reporting that the newest woman listed as Rubio’s mistress is apparently a blonde lobbyist named Dana Hudson, a specialist in Homeland Security issues.

Hudson, according to Johnson, is a personal friend to Rubio’s corrupt friend David Rivera, who still makes appearances at Republican debates despite the headlines he has generated for being under federal investigation.

Allegedly, Hudson has bragged to two fellow lobbyists about having sexual intercourse with the Senator.

Hudson attended a Rubio event in December and has planned “lunches for him.” Johnson also explains how his sources reached out to Rubio’s wife Jeanette Dousdebes Rubio who “reportedly knows about Marco Rubio’s extra marital affairs and doesn’t mind them — so long as she and her children are provided for.”

A Republican insider compared the situation to disgraced former presidential candidate John Edwards, who was exposed by the National Enquirer for infidelity during his campaign.

Here is a picture of Rubio and Hudson…

This reminds me of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski.

There’s more.


There she is!

Now, I can’t blame Rubio for being attracted to this woman but when you are married you need to know that other women are off limits, right?

Take a look though.



Like I said, I hate to bash our candidates but the bottom line is that we aren’t on the same team anymore. Trump didn’t ask for this. We certainly didn’t want this. We all are playing by the rules- give it your best shot and may the best man win!

But that’s not what the GOP is doing. Trump has dominated the entire race and they are butt-hurt. So they bring in the RINO’s and Romney and throw their little tantrum like little babies. Too bad because Trump will be in the White House. We are done playing games.

These idiots can dig up all the dirt they want- we will counter with more dirt.

Trump is the man and we all need to back him because we have to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

God Bless.


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