BREAKING: Major Presidential Candidate About To DROP Out Of Race… This Is HUGE

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Bernie Sanders and John Kasich have at least one thing in common- they both don’t know when it’s time to give it up. 

Socialist Bernie Sanders campaign took a massive hit this week in his futile quest to beat his Democratic rival, Hillary’Benghazi’ Clinton.

Even after getting hammered in Tuesday’s crucial New York primary, the Vermont senator continues to push forward.

Sanders, who started off as a dark horse candidate and emerged as a true competitor, will have to trounce Clinton in the remaining primaries by at least a 20-point margin in order to catch up to the former secretary of state’s pledged delegates,  at TheBlaze reports.

“There’s a pathway to victory for Sen. Sanders, but I think you know it’s certainly gotten brambled,” Neil Sroka, who works with the pro-Sanders group Democracy for America, told NPR Saturday.

NPR reported that Clinton’s current delegate lead over Sanders is more than twice as large as then-Sen. Barack Obama’s lead in 2008.

But unless Sanders somehow manages to defeat Clinton as mentioned above, he will have to leave the race, according to Mo Elleithee of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. The only thing Sanders will have to decide at that point will be the way in which he chooses to go.


On Tuesday, April 26, five more states will have their primaries. And according to recent polls, the odds appear to be stacked once again in Clinton’s favor.


Whether or not Sanders has entered into his “end game” yet is something that Elleithee says won’t be known until Tuesday.

So it looks like The Bern is going to have to face reality and drop out of the race.

That’s good news in a way as Bernie insiders hinted that his supporters may come over to Trump!



Now it’s time to CRUSH CLINTON- that is if the RNC will get the hell out of the way!

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