BOMBSHELL REPORT: This MAJOR Veterans Charity Caught Making Sick Move AGAINST Vets, Spread This EVERYWHERE


Unfortunately, one of our country’s largest organizations aimed at helping our wounded veterans is under scrutiny for blatantly abusing donation money on parties and conferences rather than programs that help our wounded heroes.

I hate to report this for several reasons. One reason is that our companies have donated a ton of money to this particular charity. Another reason is that I KNOW they do good work for our wounded veterans. We have heard rumors about corruption in Wounded Warrior Project for some time but we turned a blind eye, choosing to dismiss the talk as unfounded.

Yes, Wounded Warrior Project has put on a national ‘watch list’ by Charity Navigator, a watchdog organization that evaluates charities in the United States.

According to the charity’s tax forms, obtained by CBS News, spending on conferences and meetings increased from $1.7 million in 2010, to a whopping $26 million in 2014, which is the same amount the group spends on combat stress recovery.


Wounded Warrior Project is facing criticism from more than 40 former employees about how it spends the more than $800 million it’s raised in the past four years, reports CBS News correspondent Chip Reid.

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CBS News asked Marc Owens, a former director of tax exempt organizations at the IRS, to review the Wounded Warrior Project’s tax documents.


“What was your biggest concern in reading these forms?” Reid asked him.

“That I couldn’t tell the number of people that were assisted. I thought that was truly unusual. If the organization is asking for money and spending money — purportedly spending money — to assist veterans, I would like to know,” Owens said.


Wounded Warrior Project says 80 percent of their money is spent on programs for veterans. That’s because they include some promotional items, direct response advertising, and shipping and postage costs. Take that out, and the figures look more like what charity watchdogs including CharityWatch and Charity Navigator cite — that only 54 to 60 percent of donations go to help wounded service members.

Steven Nardizzi, Wounded Warrior Project CEO since 2009, was paid nearly A HALF OF A MILLION DOLLARS in 2014!

He defended his salary saying, “My salary is less than one-tenth of one percent of the donations that come in, and I am running an organization that is helping hundreds of thousands of warriors.”

But CharityWatch president and founder Daniel Borochoff said his biggest concern is the group is sitting on a $248 million surplus — and that not enough of it is being spent on veterans.

“It would be helpful if these hundreds of millions of dollars were being spent to help veterans in the shorter term in a year or two rather than being held for longer term,” the charity watchdog said.

Wounded Warrior Project has strongly rejected several of the claims in our investigative report. Its CEO has not responded to multiple requests for an interview.

Army Staff Sergeant Erick Millette, who returned from Iraq in 2006 with a bronze star and a purple heart, told CBS News he admired the charity’s work and took a job with the group in 2014 but quit after two years, FOX reports.

“Their mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors, but what the public doesn’t see is how they spend their money,” he told CBS News.

Millette said he witnessed lavish spending on staff, with big “catered” parties.

Two former of employees, who were so fearful of retaliation they asked that CBS News not show their faces on camera, said spending has skyrocketed since Steven Nardizzi took over as CEO in 2009, pointing to the 2014 annual meeting at a luxury resort in Colorado Springs.

“He rappelled down the side of a building at one of the all hands events. He’s come in on a Segway, he’s come in on a horse,” one employee told CBS News.

About 500 staff members attended the four-day conference in Colorado, which CBS News reported cost about $3 million.

“Going to a nice fancy restaurant is not team building. Staying at a lavish hotel at the beach here in Jacksonville, and requiring staff that lives in the area to stay at the hotel is not team building,” he told CBS News.

Look, if these allegations are in fact true, it’s time for these people to close shop. There is no place for people to abuse the love and generosity of Americans that want to help our veterans through donating their hard earned money. We see enough of that in our corrupt government.

Let us know your thought about this in the comments.

God Bless. 


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