BREAKING: Watergate Reporter Confirms Obama’s Actions Were CRIMINAL

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BREAKING: Watergate Reporter Confirms Obama’s Actions Were Criminal

Speaking to Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, the well-renowned journalist Bob Woodward spoke about the latest developments in the Obama Spying scandal.  

According to him, if Obama is responsible for unmasking the identities of American citizens then he could be facing criminal charges.  

This is a pretty big deal coming from Woodward, since, well, Woodward is the guy the broke the Watergate story back in the day.  That’s right, he’s the father of all gates (minus Bill).

In a sense, the world is upside down now.  Back in Woodward’s hay day, the media was working to dismantle the opaque nature of the White House.

Today, the media is working to help a former administration cover up their sins.

This is obviously insanely corrupt and unnatural.

The press is supposed to act as a safeguard against the exact type of behavior they are non insulating but that’s the state of the world today–partisanship.

Everyone has chosen a side.  Woodward plays by the old set of rules.

Perhaps if he grew up in today’s schools of journalism he would be trying to sweep the crumbs under the rug for Obama.

But thankfully for the American people he’s doing his best to be one of the good guys still.

Partial Transcript:

“It is not what Trump said [about the wiretap], but apparently what has happened here is a couple of diplomats who can be legitimately wiretapped, were talking about meeting with Trump or people on his transition team — and of course you can learn all kinds of things from diplomats gossiping, because that is what occurs. Under the rules –and they’re pretty strict– you are supposed to, it is called minimization, you don’t name the American person who is being discussed.

“But the idea that there was intelligence value here is really thin,” Woodward added. “It’s, again, down the middle, it is not what Trump said, but this could be criminal on the part of people who decided, oh, let’s name these people.”

Time To Drain The Swamp!

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