Man Faces Life In Prison For Killing Thug That Robbed His Home…

The shooting happened in the 5300 block of Halsey Court. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

The shooting happened in the 5300 block of Halsey Court. (Source: WAVE 3 News)


A Louisville, Ky. man, Deontae Yarnell, has been arrested for murder after he chased down and killed a man that broke into his house.

When a criminal is sentence to 5 or 10 years they usually serve a couple years and get released and usually go right back to committing crimes- sometimes on the first day out! Chances are, this is one of those ex-cons. Regardless, these 2 criminals weren’t there to mow the dudes lawn or paint his house. They were there to steal his belongings and perhaps rape his wife or daughter.

I’m sure in his mind he thought, if he didn’t kill him, he would come back the next time and seriously put the homeowner in danger. I’m sure that many of you who have been victims of robbery can relate.

Wave 3 News reports:

Deontae Yarnell, 22, told police that he came home to find that two men had broken in. He said he fired at them several times as they fled from his home and chased them for approximately one block, according to his arrest report. One of the men came to a fence and was trying to climb it when Yarnell shot at him again, Yarnell told police.


With all these mixed feelings of adrenaline, anger, fear, feeling violated, disrespected, and being protective of our home and family, we don’t think straight or logically. Many people are gunned down because of these feelings.

The thing is with this story, they ran out, the mistake he made was actually chasing them with a gun. Fortunately, they did not pull out a gun, also. Unfortunately, he did murder someone who was possibly unarmed and running away from his home, and he’s probably going to prison.

The “Stand Your Ground” statute was passed in 2006 but since the thugs were running away there could be legal technicalities that might hinder that defense.

I have been robbed, and you never forget it. It stays with you.

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God Bless.

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