Man Flies Pro-Trump Flags On His OWN Home, Then Look Who Makes SURPRISE Visit


An ardent Donald Trump supporter in New Jersey wanted to display his support for the candidate, so he decided the fly a pair of flags outside of his residence that had pro-Trump messages on them. However, he quickly learned that wasn’t a good idea, and you won’t believe who knocked on his door shortly after.

The First Amendment is a wonderful thing, and it was created by the Founders with political speech specifically in mind so people didn’t have to worry about persecution due to their beliefs, which is what happened in the nation they fled.

However, New Jersey apparently doesn’t like to respect the First Amendment rights of individuals, and now John Hornick may face jail time because of the pro-Trump flags he flies at his West Long Branch home.


Why? Apparently either New Jersey or his town has an ordinance that forbid the display of political signage unless it’s within 30 days of an election, which means the police showed up at his home to issue a citation when he was found to be in violation. Now he faces either 90 days in jail or a $2,000 fine, NBC New York reported.

Quite a draconian penalty for a couple of flags, wouldn’t you say?

Hornick flies two Trump flags both day and night, and said that there’s no way in hell they’re coming down. Although, he did say that unhinged anti-Trump vandals have come through and ripped them down at least five different times. But he didn’t seem too worried.

“Let them come, let them rip those flags down because I have a warehouse on alert, and I’ll put up a flag every time they tear one down,” he said.

Even though he’s facing stiff penalties, Hornick is looking forward to his day in court – and he couldn’t care less if he loses.

“I’m not taking the flag down, and if I do 90 days in jail, I’ll do 90 days in jail,” he said.

That’s the spirit. Screw these idiotic bureaucrats trying to restrict people’s right to free speech, especially when it’s political speech, which is supposed to be protected at all costs. It’s no wonder Hornick is voting for Trump, if any of us lived in a state like that, we’d want to do anything we could to change it as well.

It’s hard to believe we now live in America that prosecutes people for openly expressing their political beliefs. No wonder Hornick is voting for Trump, he, like the rest of us, is probably tired of being bullied by the government that was created to serve us not the other way around.


God Bless.

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