Man Posts ‘Controversial’ Signs In Yard, Gets EPIC Dose Of BRUTAL Justice…


A Richwood, Ohio man expressed his first amendment rights to speak his mind regarding police. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that you are free to speak BUT you are NOT free from the consequences of your actions when you do so. The unnamed retired 66-year-old man put signs in the yard of his property located in Union County. Locals posted pictures of the signs to social media according to local station WSYX.

The signs read —

  • “A good cop is a dead cop.”
  • “Make American great again – support your local cop killer.”
  • “Dump Trump”


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Someone was offended and angered by Mr. Cop Hater’s signs advocating for the death of police officers and chose to plow them over on Wednesday night.  They trashed the signed and left large tire tracks and gouges through his yard from where they drove through.  At this point, the brainiac decides he’s going to call the local police — you know the ones he wants dead?  He then flipped out when he was told the officers had more pressing priorities.



Calling Union County 9-1-1 dispatch on Thursday, the man stated –


“Yes, hello … Why somebody vandalized my property, my signs last night.  I want the people responsible for this.”

The dispatcher explained that Union County Sheriff’s deputies were occupied with more pressing issues, but help is on the way.

Apparently, that answer was not sufficient for the cop-hater.

“Oh, you know, they don’t give a f**k about me, that’s the way it’s always been,” cop-hater said.

He called 911 four times while he waited for a deputy, and eventually took matters into his own hands.

“I ain’t putting up with this shit,” he told dispatchers.

After that, he parked his lawn tractor in the middle of the road with a machete, an ax, and a sign that said he’s waiting for the cops, according to a witness who called the Marysville Fire Department.

Despite the cop-hater placing signage in his yard actively advocating for their deaths, deputies STILL showed up at his home to address his issue though it was in the order of what was pressing, not according to when the cop-hater thought they should arrive.  When reached for comment by WSYX about his reasons for posting such inflammatory signs in his yard, cop hater responded with,  “It’s my f**king First Amendment right.”

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