Man SHOT In Vegas Massacre STANDS To Meet Trump, Takes HUGE Swing At NFL Thugs [Video]

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A man injured during the massacre in Las Vegas left his hospital bed to meet President Trump on Wednesday, and he had quite the message for those who would disrespect our flag.

Thomas Gunderson was one of hundreds injured during the worst mass shooting in American history, yet he still had it in him to show respect to our President when he and the First Lady visited him in his hotel room. Video taken of the touching moment shows Melania and President Trump entering the room, with Mr. Gunderson using everything he had to stand up and greet them as they walked in.

Gunderson is seen struggling to get out of bed when Melania walks into the room, then he stands to shake her hand before President Trump walks in.

“Hey, this guy looks tough to me,” President Trump can be heard saying as he enters the room.

The two spoke for a minute before the video cut off. But Gunderson later posted it to Facebook, where it amassed over 15 million views as of this writing.

“I will never lie down when the President of this great country comes to shake my hand!” Gunderson captioned the video.

“There may be plenty of issues in this country but I will always respect my country, my president and my flag. Shot in the leg or not, I will stand to show my President the respect he deserves!”

I will never lie down when the President of this great country comes to shake my hand! There may be plenty of issues in…

Posted by Thomas Gunderson on miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017

The post has since been shared over 300,000 times, with the response being overwhelmingly positive.

Perhaps its popularity is due to the fact that even after being shot by a lunatic, this man still rose from his hospital bed to respect our President, which is a stark contrast from what we’ve been seeing in the NFL as of late.

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