Man Stuffs Praying Muslims Shoes With HAM… They Were NOT Happy!

Jamie Knowlson - Crown Court

Now that is some funny stuff right there…



A 30 year old man in Australia escaped jail time for stuffing ham in Muslim’s shoes as they prayed at a mosque. LMAO!

The offender, Jamie Knowlson also draped ham over the fencing around the establishment. He was charged with religiously aggravated assault and he plead guilty. He was facing up to two years in prison. This is outrageous all in itself. Look at the atrocities their people commit and get away with it, but let’s put that to the side and give someone two years in prison for ham.

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The West Australia reported:


“He pleaded guilty to causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment and could have been jailed for up to two years, but walked free from Bristol Crown Court with a suspended six-month prison sentence because he had returned to the mosque to apologize for his actions.”

During sentencing, Judge Carol Hagen told Knowlson that it was “difficult to imagine a more offensive incident”. “Not only the fixing of meat to railings but aggravated, in my view, that members of the mosque were inside praying at the time,” she said.


“Knowlson sat in tears as he was handed a six-month suspended sentence and 150 hours of unpaid work.

“A second man is due to stand trial in connection with the incident later this month.”

The prosecution said it was premeditated and one of the most offensive things they’ve seen. Really now? I’ve seen many more offensive things come from the Muslim community. I guess throwing acid on their women or marrying children can be looked over, but putting pork products in their shoes is unforgivable. Political correctness at its finest and coming to a neighborhood near you.

Editors note:¬†LMAO! I would have loved to seen this guy do this and see the reactions of the Muslims when the got their faces off the ground and put their shoes on! This is absolutely CLASSIC! Someone, give this man a cigar…


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  1. John Pfeiffer says:

    Buy that man a Beer!

  2. Oscar Pearson says:

    Muslims kill people and we do nothing!

  3. Australia has turned into a complete joke of a country. My advice would be that it should be invaded and liberated by American Patriots and turned into a free country with a real constitution or nuked before it is overrun by the enemy and used as a staging ground.

    • Gary Fraser says:

      Uh – the biggest Muslim supporter in the world resides in the White House and is Prez of the US. Don’t be looking for help from that quarter.

    • Gareth Hughes says:

      WTF are you serious ?? Have a look in your own backyard before you insult my country ….fucktard!!

      • You apparently approve of the current politically correct mentality of your nation. Enjoy it……and you can keep it!

        • Gareth Hughes says:

          So you are going to make assumptions about what i approve of? Our Nation would have to be one of the least politically correct Nations on the planet , go educate yourself before making a complete goose of yourself .My retort was at SgtKF’s suggestion that we are not are free country with a constitution , he obviously has no idea what he is on about ( give me some of those drugs) .And to suggest nuking one of your most loyal allies??You currently have a Prez who is on a mission to ruin your country , blacks running riot , your Government is aiding terrorism and you Knock my country LMFAO!!

          • AU is more communist and authoritarian than Russia is today jerkwad…..go look in the mirror. You dont even have the right of self defense. You cower in your homes with a broom stick. You follow your TV where ever it takes you. Your gov is run by the same banks the US gov is run by…but at least in the USA Americans recognize that Rights something one is born with not granted by a government

          • Mariann Martin McCoy says:

            I completely agree!!! And I’m American

  4. These guys should get a medal.

  5. This man should be given a medal. The judge however, should be given the sack. It seems that in Oz it is ok to take over cafes, imprison and kill people, but it is an imprisonable offence to put meat in potential terrorists shoes. Unbelievable.

  6. Herman Nelson says:

    This is classic civil disobedience! I think there might be a run on ham from the super markets soon..

  7. I would have had a pig crap in them.

  8. Two moslems burn down Australia’s woodlands and it’s shoved under the rug but this guy has to apologize to those murdering invaders and felons for putting ham in their shoes… I’d have made him apologize to the pig and dismissed the charges!

  9. mus-slimes kill people and call for the death of many more, and you get
    offended when someone puts ham in their smelly ass shoes. Wow you must
    have been in full retard mode when you passed sentencing on him!! If I
    was his judge I would have offered to buy him more ham and A beer after
    he was done. It is past time that we remember that these are the animals that
    destroyed our Twin Towers and now you want us to forgive them and live
    in harmony, I say f@%k you!! I lost 343 family members due to them. I

  10. Lilywhiteazz says:

    LOLOLOLOL I love it!!

  11. Craig Stewart says:

    I think perhaps I would have used Pigs Feet….appropriate to put in shoes…..and it is really the cloven hoof they hate. Pour pigs blood on the grounds too.

  12. This judge needs to remove the stick from her anal cavity….this guy should have been honored for his creativity. Bonus points earned for excessively high entertainment value! lol!

  13. Edward Thompson says:

    This man should be required to bring his grill to the mosque and engage them all in a BBQ. Oh and pig roast.

  14. Behead judge Carol Hagen and then we will know what offensive means.

  15. Reta Mae Cherry says:

    Consider the story of Kim Davis, who refused to produce a license for gays, and got thrown in jail, and is still there. If a Muslim had her job, they would NOT force them to supply a license for gays if they did not want to do it. This is a bill of crap forced on the American people and it is UnConstitutional.

  16. pound a pork sausage up their azz

  17. 100 percent A+ Genius Level Work in Much Needed ANTI-Islamofascist propaganda !!! You Did Well My Friend!!!!! Congratulations all the way from Maine USA!!!

  18. The judge protected “freedom of religion.” Well, let’s just break that down right now why don’t we! In what way does it help “freedom of religion” to “convict” a man for acting against ISLAMOFASCISM??? Let’s see, Islam is a “religion” based on the Koran. The Koran says Muslims must attack and persecute all non Muslims, and kill them if they do not convert to Islam. So, supporting Islam by protecting it from any actions or any criticisms, would do what? It would strengthen Islam, it would encourage Muslims, and the Koran would continue to be taught and preached more widely than ever! This is what the judge has done! He has emboldened the enemy of all democratic rights and freedoms, and has aided the enemy in its effort to completely WIPE OUT ALL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, EVEN FOR ALL MUSLIMS, BECAUSE THEY MAY BE KILLED OR MAIMED IF THEY DECIDE TO DUMP ISLAM INTO THE GARBAGE CAN WHERE IT BELONGS.

    • Time to stop this pc crap and start deporting.. and then deport the pc idiots to the same place. I’m sure they will do well there… and if they don’t, let them talk their way out of it over there

  19. Sorry I put a piece of ham in your shoes. I wanted to put 3 pieces in but I wouldn’t have been able to share equally.

  20. OMG!!! I am almost in tears… my sides are killing me.. dont get him a beer… get him a whole friggin crate and a few packets of ham. I have not laughed as hard for ages

  21. Can Pork free zones and 15 day waiting lists to purchase ham

  22. Diane Jackson says:

    If the Mosque have a fence around them, just run a bunch of pigs in there. That way when they come out, they can have their choice of sexual partners. Three cheers for Knowlson , and a years supply of his favorite beer. Oh, and fire that judge.

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