WHOA! Man Gets $870,000 In Lawsuit After Doctor CUTS OFF The Wrong TESTICLE

Steven Hanes, who is not pictured, has not sought further treatment since the incident.  (iStock)



A Pennsylvania man, unfortunately had a problem with one of his testicles and doctors told him they needed to remove it. 


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But look at the bright side- at least he still had one ball left, right?



You see, his doctor removed the wrong ball!

Dude! You had one job to do and you cut off the wrong ball! Unbelievable!

So Steven Hanes, 54 sued the doctor.

The unfortunate man did get awarded $870,000 to him by a Pennsylvania jury but man, this sucks!

Steven Hanes, 54, had suffered from chronic pain in his right testicle for years, Fox 43 reported. He sought treatment from Dr. V. Spencer Long, who recommended surgical removal after an ultrasound revealed scarring from a previous injury. However, at some point during the procedure Long removed the wrong testicle.

“At this point it appeared that the left testicle and cord may actually have been removed instead of the right one,” Long wrote in the postoperative report, according to the Hamilton Spectator.

A jury later found that Long was “recklessly indifferent” in the treatment of his patient and awarded Hanes $620,000 in compensatory and $250,000 in punitive damages, Fox 43 reported.

“The doctor gave an explanation that really made no anatomical or medical sense,” Braden Lepisto, Hanes’ attorney, told the Hamilton Spectator.

Lepisto said Hanes has not sought further treatment after the procedure left him with a “debilitating fear.”

Here’s my question. So if you removed his good ball and you still need to remove the other ball won’t that leave him completely BALL-LESS?

My other question. How come this guy only got $870,000?

I would have shot for $80 MILLION! What in the hell is he thinking?

Crappy doctors, crappy lawyers and crappy luck.


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