BREAKING: Mandatory Quarantine Already Underway For Monkeypox


Yesterday we reported about a disease called Monkeypox. The most recent cases in the UK are in men who have sex with men.

How nice…

Why do men have sex with other men? Never mind, I just don’t get it. No offense intended.


Monkeypox does not occur naturally in the United States, but cases have happened that were associated with international travel or importing animals from areas where the disease is more common. U.S. monkeypox cases are very rare.


Belgium has become the first country to mandate a 21-day quarantine because of the monkeypox outbreak. Three cases were reported in the country, and those in contact with those three persons are being forced to quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease.

All of the infections were linked to a festival in the port city of Antwerp, according to the Daily Mail, as Belgium is now one of 14 countries to confirm outbreaks of the viral disease (in addition to suspected, but not confirmed cases in Austria and Greece).


Source: BNO News

According to a report by ZeroHedge, Biden said that the recent spread of monkeypox is “something that everybody should be concerned about.”

“It is a concern in that if it were to spread it would be consequential,” he said, speaking from Osan Air Base in South Korea where he was meeting with troops before the Japan leg of his Asia trip.

UK health officials, meanwhile, have warned that the UK faces a ‘significant’ rise in infections, and the government’s response is ‘critical’ in containing the spread.

Dr Susan Hopkins, a chief medical adviser to the UK Health Security Agency, today also warned that monkeypox is spreading through community transmission in the UK with more cases being detected daily.

Sajid Javid yesterday revealed another 11 Britons had tested positive for the virus, taking the total to 20.

The cases include a British child currently in a critical condition at a London hospital, while a further 100 infections have been recorded in Europe. -Daily Mail

“There is going to be more diagnoses over the next week,” said Dr. Claire Dewsnap, president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV. “How many is hard to say. What worries me the most is there are infections across Europe, so this has already spread.”

The United States may have a third case of monkeypox in Florida. Health officials in Broward County, Florida, said on Sunday that they were investigating a suspected case of monkeypox. The Florida case is in the Fort Lauderdale area, and the infected person had recently traveled abroad.

The official narrative is being crafted right now. Pay attention and stay alert to what’s happening around you.

So prepare for the worst case scenario as at this point anything and everything is coming to America.

On a side note prepare for gas prices to hit $10 a gallon by summer.

Also expect massive rioting from the radical left during the SUMMER OF LOVE!

Thanks to all the asswipes that voted for Biden and the Communists for destroying America.





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