Man’s EPIC Anti-Muslim License Plate Has People TICKED, But You’ll LOVE It


A Minnesota man happened to get the most awesome license plate ever approved by his state’s Department of Transportation, but it’s not sitting too well with some people, namely Muslims. However, he still has it on his truck, for now.

The man, who we’re not going to name to protect his identity, had the tag issued last year, and it simply reads, “FMUSLMS.” Pretty cool, right? Well, according to Minnesota Department of Public Safety spokesman Bruce Gordon, it’s not cool at all. In fact, he called it “offensive and distasteful, reported MPR News.


Minnesota Department of Public Safety spokesman Bruce Gordon issued a statement calling the plate “offensive and distasteful” and saying it should have never been issued.


He said the department is in the process of revoking and taking possession of the plates.

“The Department of Public Safety apologizes for this error,” Gordon said.

Gov. Mark Dayton said that he was “appalled” that the state issued the offensive plate. He said the person who requested it should be ashamed.

“That prejudice has no place in Minnesota,” Dayton said.


Dayton also instructed his public safety commissioner to review agency procedures to make sure it never happens again.


Of course, when it was first seen by Somali community activist Haji Yusuf after a high school student uploaded its image to his Facebook page, he immediately became outraged and appealed to the government to have it revoked. Fox 9 reported that Yusuf is a member of Unite Cloud, which works with the St. Cloud community to force tolerance of the “Religion of Peace ™,” and apparently the state listened to his complaints because the tag is going to be revoked.

Naturally, no such thought crime goes unnoticed by the terror-tied Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) either. In a statement, Jaylani Hussein, the group’s executive director, demanded the state implement stricter oversight of its vanity plates.

Now, maybe people are jumping the gun just a little bit, since we really don’t know what the “F” in the license plate stands for, right? Maybe it means “for,” “forvever,” “from,” or a myriad of other words that begin with the letter “f.” People are just too sensitive these days, aren’t they?

God Bless.

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God Bless.

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