BREAKING News From Marco Rubio- You Are About To Flip Your Lid After He Announces THIS


It’s getting easier to figure out who the traitors in the Republican Party are and by all accounts, it looks like ‘Lil’ Marco Rubio has joined the list of the SWAMP scumbags.


Like Hillary and many other jackasses that President Trump beat, Rubio’s true colors are showing.

Honestly, I never expected this but according to reports RUBIO  is a gun grabbing RINO!

Ulysses S. Tennyson at 100 Percent FED Up writes in an article titled “Marco Rubio Introduces National Gun Grab” that Marco Rubio is fine with government taking your gun. In fact, not wanting Democrats to steal all the glory, Rubio wants to be known as the man who introduced the bill to make it happen.



The Biden Whitehouse has made it their policy to officially label anyone who disagrees with them and means it as white supremacists and domestic terrorists.  Banks have begun an economic extermination of non-establishment thinkers by spying on and exposing alleged Trump Supporters’ private bank account information.  Then, clandestinely, they are taking that information and handing it over to the government.  What is the crime these people have committed and sentenced for without a trial (that we know of so far)?

Merely attending his January 6th rally:

This is insane! Now banks are working with the deep state to turn in Trump supporters?

This is freaking COMMUNISM!

Tucker obtains proof Bank of America ‘spied’ on its customers

Biden and his establishment wish to label and investigate all Trump Supporters or conservatives or independent thinkers including libertarians and root them out of the militaryall of them.  This eerily similar to what Stalin did when he purged the Russian military of the majority of its people in order to instill fear and install puppets.

Marco Rubio Introduces National Gun Grab

Now, Marco Rubio–a revolting globalist RINO Republican who should be voted out of office–has introduced a bill that would deny gun rights to anyone that the government is “investigating” for domestic terrorism.  This will mostly Rubio’s voters who are all considered suspect by association without trial by the ‘unity’ regime of Joe Biden.

UNZ Reports:

“The Senate bill, named the Terror Intelligence Improvement Act, was reentered last week in hopes of exploiting the hysteria surrounding the January 6th Capitol protests. The law intends to violate the civil liberties of American citizens who are not charged or convicted of a crime if somebody is deemed politically dangerous.”

So, as tyrant Joe Biden is almost exclusively mislabeling conservatives, libertarians, and other independent thinkers as domestic terrorists, Marco Rubio wants to also take away their right to defend themselves even before they are convicted of anything at all?

Does he sound like a Constitutional heavyweight, or an average anti-American progressive globalist?  It turns out, Marco Rubio has tried a similar gun grab tactic in the past. He hates you and thinks you are stupid enough to forget.

Big League Politics Reports:

“On February 2, 2021, Marco Rubio introduced a bill that would strip any individual of their Second Amendment rights simply for being “investigated” for acts of domestic terrorism.

David Codrea of AmmoLand observed that “Rubio tried this before in 2016 as a “‘kinder, gentler’ alternative to a bill being pushed by then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.” Rubio’s move is in line with the Republican belief that by offering compromise or constructive Republican alternative proposals (C.R.A.P), they will satisfy the Left.

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Despite all the talk about safeguards in Rubio’s bill, there will effectively be no protections for “due process” since Rubio’s bill would still take away guns from citizens who haven’t been convicted of a crime. Even worse, Codrea said guns would also be taken away from individuals not charged with any crime.

Rubio is one of the main posterboys in favor of red flag gun confiscation orders. He believes that “A red flag law will reduce bloodshed and respect the rights of gun owners.”

The Florida Senator exemplifies the flaccid nature of contemporary GOP politics, which concerns itself more with emulating the Left, albeit with a watered-down twist.

If we want to preserve our freedoms, Rubio’s behavior cannot be tolerated. All told, Rubio has no place in serious national populist movement.”

The mention of red flag laws should seem eerily familiar.

That is because Marco Rubio is not the only prominent respected RINO who wants to shred the Constitution, especially its gun laws.  There are many.

One other such opportunist is the beloved war veteran, Dan Crenshaw.  He also seeks to severely limit gun rights even further than they already have been over the last 100 years.  He also slammed down calls to contest the election in 2020, despite massive irregularities, saying Trump supporters were merely doing “mental gymnastics”

This man is a pernicious opportunist who douses anti-Americans like Liz Cheney with praise while slamming pro-Constitution Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Like Rubio, Crenshaw is also not as he appears to be:

To this end, Crenshaw, has also openly stated said he would be open to open-ended red flag laws in the past.  In fact, as recently as November of 2020, Crenshaw was celebrated on The World Economic Forum’s list of up-and coming young globalists “pushing boundaries and changing the world”.  His name has since been scrubbed. Interesting…

The World Economic forum is responsible for Chinese-supremacist “Great Reset” which seeks to upend The West and usher in a China-dominant world.

At the WEFOrum, Crenshaw joined the ranks of other pseudo-intellectual political minds who feign moderation, such as Tulsi Gabbard.


Also on the same list are George Soros’ son and countless other anti-American globalist Great Reset propogandists who have infiltrated every government and corporate institution in The West.

Is that the company you choose to keep?

Will this party of betrayal ever end?

Is the GOP a rotted zombified corpse that cannot be properly revived?

How do we get rid of these vile wolves who pretend to be conservative?



Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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God Bless.

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