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As far as the Marines are concerned, once you wear that uniform, you are a Marine for life.

Well, Joe Biden’s little stunt last week of holding a divisive speech while using Marines as props did not sit very well with some Marines.

Now they are calling Joe Biden out.

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Concerned Veterans for America deputy director and U.S. Marine Corps veteran John Byrnes was livid for several reasons.

First, our military is not supposed to be used like a prop in a dictator’s speech.

Second, this actually jeopardized the careers of these Marines.

Byrnes stated that “men and women in uniform serve the country, not a party” and “take a solemn oath that should not be taken lightly or taken advantage of.”

He continued, “When elected officials use our troops as props in political and partisan messaging, it undermines the nonpartisan nature of our military and erodes trust in the institution.”

The White House tried to brush it all off as much ado about nothing.

It stated, “The presence of Marines at the speech was intended to demonstrate the deep and abiding respect the President has for their service to these ideals and the unique role our independent military plays in defending our democracy, no matter which party is in power.”

Mike Chamberlain, the director of the government watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust, disagreed.

He stated, “President may be exempt from most provisions of the Hatch Act, but members of the military are prohibited from participating in partisan political activity while on duty or in uniform.

“In addition to potential violations by their superiors for coercing their participation in this event, the administration may be exposing these service personnel to possible allegations of misconduct for improperly engaging in political activity.

“While the administration often offers criticisms of its predecessors for norm-breaking activities, this represents another example of them copying and pasting the same behavior.”

Kendra Arnold, executive director for the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, also hammered Biden.

Arnold stated, “There is a separation between official government communications and overtly political communications.

“This both protects taxpayer funds and the public’s confidence that our government is not a political entity.

“Also, given that they were prominently visible behind the President, I would add that the military should never be used for partisan political purposes.

“The men and women of our Armed Forces serve and protect the freedom of all Americans, not a particular political party or ideological agenda.”

There were even members of the mainstream media calling out Joe Biden for this intimidation tactic.

Blood red background, calling MAGA Republicans a threat to the country, and Marines in the background… Not a good look for a man that claims to be a uniter.

Source: Fox News

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