Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Pelosi Is “A Mentally ILL NAZI” Because Of THIS- Totally EPIC

You know the Republican Party needs a wake up call and who better to lead the way than MTG!  Greene is not afraid to throw down the blunt truth against the wicked witch Pelosi and the rest of the deep state swamp elites.

When our nation needs politicians with steel balls to stand the line, it is the Republican women who are leading the way and showing the men what it means to have a backbone!

From The Red State Report: As if we didn’t already know that dictatorial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and renegade Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) aren’t exactly BFFs — they’re not even occasional lunch buddies — Greene took Pelosi out behind the woodshed on Thursday over the Speaker’s continuing insistence that members wear masks in the House Chamber.

In direct contradiction of the latest “scientific advice” — Democrats love “science” when it supports their various narratives and ignore it when it does not — from the CDC, mind you, the COVID font of knowledge most revered by the Democrat Party.

During an interview on “The Water Cooler” with host David Brody, as reported by Just the News, Greene described Pelosi as “mentally ill,” following Pelosi’s Thursday suggestion that unvaccinated lawmakers could potentially be segregated in the House chamber.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the most vile and corrupt deep state traitors to America and she needs to be detained and charged for her horrific crimes against our nation.  Until that day comes, politicians need to stand between Pelosi and our nation and protect our Constitutional Laws.

The great deception from the federal government is that we all still have rights and Constitutional laws, however, it is clear that we do not and anyone who attempts to use them to stop the democrats agenda are hunted down and detained by Pelosi’s gestapo regime.

The Red State continued:

Here’s what Pelosi said that set Greene off, as transcribed by Just the News:

“I mean we could come to a place where we say, if you don’t want to wear a mask … If you’re not vaccinated don’t even come to the floor. We have facilities up above in the gallery where people can come to vote. We don’t want to deter anybody’s ability to exercise their Constitutional duties.”

Pelosi might be nuttier than a fruitcake, but her stubborn resolve is damn near breathtaking.

But Greene was not amused by Pelosi’s draconian and scientifically unsubstantiated threat.

“This woman is mentally ill. You know, we can look back at a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star and they were definitely treated like second-class citizens, so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany, and this is exactly the type of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is talking about.”

Was that awesome or what? Sure, the “Nazi gas chamber” analogy was a tad over the top, perhaps, but Greene’s point was well taken.

Pelosi has been the “mask gestapo” and throwing out fines like they are free candy on Halloween and it is about time someone stood up to her and told her to sit her old ass down!

Nancy Pelosi is such a hypocrite, she picks and chooses to do as she pleases, when and where she will use a mask and she punishes all who break her draconian laws.

The Red State furthered, Prior to Greene’s comments, Pelosi said during her usual Thursday morning lying session she won’t allow Congress to become “a Petri dish because of the selfishness of some not to be vaccinated.” Hey — kudos to the aide who came up with “Petri dish.”

Hyperbolic hysteria has long been the coin of the realm of the Democrat Party, with political posturing and symbolism over substance running a close second.

Remember this silly stunt by Nancy, Chucky & Co. this past August, as they symbolically took a knee before the Marxist Black Lives Matter altar and the lie of “systemic racism”?

What about the kneeling Dems, led by Pelosi, wearing Kente cloth?

Kente cloth was worn by a prominent slave-trading tribe in Africa. Should the Dems apologize to Black Americans?

Pathetic panderers gonna pathetically pander.

Every red blooded American needs to ignore Pelosi and any of her rhetoric as well as push for their state Ag’s to go after Pelosi.

America needs to be done with the corruption and racism indoctrination, everyone should be as stead fast as Marjorie Taylor Greene and follow her example.


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