WATCH As Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Takes Pelosi and AOC To The Woodshed- This Is EPIC!

When it comes to anything good for Americans Nancy Pelosi has been somewhat silent. Well at least for her, people have started to wonder if it was because someone had finally thrown a bucket of water on her and she has melted away.

No such luck, the wicked witch of the west is back at it and pushing her idiotic rhetoric towards those who have the courage to speak the truth.


Breitbart reports that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) “verbal assault” of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was potentially a matter for the House Ethics Committee to weigh.

“The verbal assault of our colleague… uuuhh… uhh… AOC. It’s so beyond the pale of anything that is in-keeping of bringing honor to the House or not bringing dishonor to the House… you probably wonder if it’s a matter for the Ethics Committee,” Pelosi stammered:

Pelosi is the epitome of a “domestic terrorist” due to her actions and words against the people of our nation as well as a government politician whose corruption and greed make other deep state swampers look like Disney cartoon characters.

Let’s be honest here, AOC is on another planet with her crazy ideas and cry baby antics but now she has to have gestapo Pelosi come to her defense because, well frankly, AOC does not have the intelligence to have a debate.

Breitbart continued:

“You don’t care about the American people,” Greene reportedly roared at AOC Wednesday. “Why do you support terrorists and Antifa?”

The Washington Post reported, “Greene also shouted that Ocasio-Cortez was failing to defend her ‘radical socialist’ beliefs by declining to publicly debate the freshman from Georgia.”

“She’s a chicken, she doesn’t want to debate the Green New Deal,” Greene said to reporters near the House chamber. “These members are cowards. They need to defend their legislation to the people. That’s pathetic.”

Ocasio-Cortez spokeswoman Lauren Hitt recalled the situation in defense of her member:

Representative Greene tried to begin an argument with Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and when Rep. Ocasio-Cortez tried to walk away, Congresswoman Greene began screaming and called Rep. Ocasio-Cortez a terrorist sympathizer. We hope leadership and the Sergeant at Arms will take real steps to make Congress a safe, civil place for all Members and staff — especially as many offices are discussing reopening. One Member has already been forced to relocate her office due to Congresswoman Greene’s attacks.

Greene responded on Twitter and hammered Pelosi saying SHE needs to be investigated


Marjorie Taylor Greene is 100% right!  Greene has the courage to call out the corrupt and Marxist politicians that are hell bent on destroying our nation so they can rebuild it under communism.

We have a severe lack of politicians with courage, honor and fortitude that are willing to speak the truth no matter what the cost and to face the storm from the democrats.  Greene should have the backing of all U.S. citizens for what she is doing, instead people are to chicken shit to speak out in her favor yet alone stand with her.


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God Bless.

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