Mark Levin Drops A BOMBSHELL About Biden- He’s SPOT ON Too

Democrats are seeking to impose their far-left ideology on America through court packing and presidential fiat, “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin told “Hannity” Wednesday, Fox News reports.

“I watched Biden sign these executive orders like Benito Mussolini handing out declarations,” Levin told host Sean Hannity. “[Meanwhile,] they are trying to have an ideological court system. That violates separation of powers. This is Article I attacking Article III. The federalization of state election laws in this H.R. [House Resolution] 1 that Nancy Pelosi has been pushing to turn the states into California so they can never lose an election — the Democrats — that violates Article II Section I, Clause II of the Constitution.


Furthermore, Levin added, Democrats “talk about D.C. statehood like they can just pass a statute. The District of Columbia is created by the Constitution. As the National Capital Area, it is not to be put under a state. That is Article I, Section VIII. So they are not free to do that.”

For those who do not know who Mussolini was a dictator who declared he had supreme power of the people and Italy.


Mussolini’s first act as prime minister was to demand special emergency powers allowing him to rig elections in the Fascists’ favor. Soon after, the Italian parliament made suspicion of being anti-Fascist punishable by imprisonment without trial.


The next year police rounded-up Socialists, and the government restricted their publishing activities.

The same year, all Communist members of Parliament were arrested, and all Socialist members expelled. Anyone who could not be prosecuted for a crime was detained for up to five years and placed in island internment camps.

Now you can see a few key points on why Levin compared Biden to Mussolini, it is frightening how the Biden administration is following down the dictatorship path.  It is like they have a guidebook and are going page-by-page, oh wait, that is called social Marxism.

Fox News continued, Levin added that some of the most prominent of the more than 40 executive orders enacted by Biden violate the Constitution.

“This executive order on [the] Keystone XL pipeline — the Fifth Amendment, that’s part of the Bill of Rights, it’s [violating] the Taking Clause,” Levin claimed, adding that a president cannot “steal somebody’s property without remuneration.”

“We have the equal protection clause in the Fifth Amendment that applies to the feds, the 14th amendment that applies to the states, equal protection clause. He signs an executive order that promotes race-based discrimination throughout the federal departments and agencies — that’s clearly in violation of equal protection.

“He assigns another executive order destroying women’s sports in this country for biological females. Again, violates the equal protection clause of the Fifth and 14th amendment of the Constitution.”

We find ourselves living in dangerous times that will surely forever change our nation.  With Biden creating executive orders going after what and who they deem, “political extremists and white supremacists”, has set a dangerous precedent.

Levin also claimed that the Democratic administration is “bought and paid for by the teachers’ unions.

“That’s why he opposes the number one civil rights issue that President Trump was pushing: School choice,” he said. “These kids that can’t afford private and parochial schools, they can’t get out. They are stuck … Biden and his party are using COVID-19 to give hundreds of billions of dollars to blue states, blue cities, special interests, their constituent groups, having nothing to do with the pandemic.” 

As for the pandemic itself, Levin claimed Biden “has royally screwed up the production and distribution of vaccines developed by President Trump and his administration. They don’t know what to do. He has never known what to do. There is not a single one of the people in his inner circle that’s never worked in the private sector, doing anything productive.”

People cannot simply laugh it off on divided the citizens are at this point, how frustrated and angry people get with each over personal choices and beliefs.

With the government building like a tsunami wave and states and counties with different mandates when it comes to COVID-19, people are being manipulated and controlled.

To achieve peace and unity, it will take breaking the chains that manipulate and control a person.  Setting aside emotions and people actually communicating and uniting together to ensure a brighter future.

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God Bless.


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