ALERT: Mark Steyn Reveals BOMBSHELL Motive For Vegas That NOBODY’S TALKING ABOUT


It’s been a week since Stephen Paddock gunned down 59 people and wounded nearly 500 others, and we have yet to learn what his motive was.

It’s truly bizarre that we haven’t the slightest hit thus far of why Paddock did what he did, especially since in other mass shootings we’ve known almost every detail about the suspect within a week or so. Hell, usually within hours we know enough about the shooter to determine their motive, but this time around it’s different…very different.


In past massacres, the perpetrators have always had some sort of clear motive. In Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza was mentally ill and became obsessed with school shootings, while the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando was an act of Islamic terrorism.

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In Charleston, Dylann Roof opened fire on churchgoers because of his racist beliefs, and Timothy McVeigh carried out a bombing in Oklahoma City in vengeance against the government. But with Paddock, there isn’t such a clear motive; in fact, authorities claim there’s very little evidence to suggest a solid reason for his atrocious actions.


However, conservative radio host Mark Steyn has been discussing a possible motive, and when you look at all the aspects of the evil deed itself, the theory holds water. The theory was sent to Steyn by a reader on Friday, and Steyn described him as a “gentleman at a London think tank,” giving his thoughts more plausibility.

Keep in mind this is only a theory. However, when one accounts for Paddock’s lucidity, his meticulous planning of the massacre, and the fact that police say he intended to make it out of the attack alive, his actions more closely resemble those of a contract killer than they do a mass murderer, as Steyn noted, which indicates he did, in fact, have a motive, it’s just that the motive may be “implicit instead of explicit.”


From the Daily Wire:

The emailer’s theory is essentially one of inception. What has everyone been talking about non-stop since Monday morning? Gun control. And why are we talking about gun control? Because the sheer number of guns and ammunition Paddock sneaked into room 135 on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel is astounding. As a result, the story immediately focused on the guns: Were they automatic? What kind of guns were they? How were they modified? Where did he get them from?

The other distractions and storylines that typically arise weren’t available in this shooting. It was a white shooter, going after mostly white people at a country music concert. That means, as Steyn points out, no shifting narratives toward white-supremacy to draw attention away from the guns. Paddock seemingly had no political or religious affiliations; it wasn’t triggered by a domestic dispute, nor was it work related; it doesn’t appear to be the result of a psychotic break. All of this leaves nothing but the firearm narrative on the table.

Police found 47 guns between the killer’s hotel room and two of his homes. Twenty-three were with him in his room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. And by all accounts, a large quantity of ammunition was still left in the hotel room following the massacre. Steyn’s reader notes Paddock “spent days filling his hotel room with more weapons and ammunition than he could ever conceivably use along with an array of advanced modifications and accessories.” Which begs the question: Why did he spend energy and time sneaking all those firearms into the hotel knowing that when bullets started flying, he wouldn’t get the chance to use even half of what he had on hand?

The writer of the email quoted in Steyn’s article believes the answer to motive is “publicity.” Specifically, that “this man [Paddock] wished to telegraph to America in graphic form the hard irrefutable evidence that guns and gun ownership, and the ease of gun purchase in America are an evil and must be controlled. On that hypothesis, everything now makes sense.”

Again, there’s no hard evidence to support this theory; however, with the little information available and the fact there was no obvious motive or message, it does make a lot of sense, especially when you consider just how quickly the gun control meme was picked up by the media and Democrats alike.

“That message is ‘guns.’ And that message is being trawled over every minute of every day on every network in America,” Steyn’s reader noted.

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